Introduction week MBLS

Welcome to the bachelor MBLS of Utrecht University! 

The following information is about the introduction period of the new academic year. 

We, the introduction committee (the IC), have worked together this whole year to organise an amazing introduction! Of course, going to university is not only about studying, it’s about going on a lot of great adventures, where you’ll learn to do new things, meet new people, get to know the Utrecht Science Park and the city of Utrecht. That’s why we start the first two weeks of the year with some awesome activities!

You can check out and download the Introduction Booklet via this link: 

Download your introduction booklet here! (pdf)

During the introduction, you will not only participate in the awesome activities we organised for you, but you will also start with lectures and other study-related activities. In the beginning, it’s different from high school, but do not worry, you’ll get the hang of it really quickly!
For now, write down all the important dates, because you don’t want to miss out on all the great adventures we have planned for you!

The most important dates and things you need to know for now:
● Introduction day: 4th of September at 13:15, Ruppert Wit in the Ruppert building (mandatory!)
● Game day: 7th of September from 12:00 till 17:00.
● Introduction Weekend Retreat: The weekend of 16th September (You don’t want to miss out on this one)
● Booksale with discount from Amino (check Amino booksale below)
● Our Instagram page for the latest updates.

At the end of the two wonderfully fun introduction weeks, there will be an amazing concluding activity: The Introduction Weekend Retreat! It’ll be a weekend full of unforgettable crazy moments and fun activities. So if this all sounds fun to you, please sign up here for the introduction camp (separately or included in a package deal with more introduction activities).

Amino book sale 

It is important that you have all your books at the start of the academic year. Members of Amino can get these at a discount and thereby immediately earn back your Amino subscription costs. Check the Amino Booksale page to find out how to order your books with the Amino discount through Studystore. Your books will then be delivered to you.  

Practical information 

You can find all practical details of your programme (and of Utrecht University) and much more useful information on the student's website of MBLS (topics such as your timetable, student card and locations of buildings, etc). Please have a look.

Corona information

Unfortunately, we cannot rule out new corona-measures due to a new pandemic treats in the upcoming academic year.  Let’s hope we have a normal start, but if that’s not the case, we will make the best of the situation and still have a wonderful introduction! However, always consult this page about Corona & Education for the latest updates and other practical information. 

Contact information

If you have questions about the introduction, you can contact the introduction committee of MBLS at

For study-related questions, you should contact the study advisor, Lauw Klaassen:

If you have any administrative questions, you can contact the bachelor Student Desk:

  • Location: Minnaertbuilding, room 1.20
  • Phone:+ 31 30 - 253 5888 (between 10.00 and 12.00 hours)
  • E-mail: