Bachelor Thesis

The Bachelor thesis (research project) is considered to be the capstone project of your study where you will put all acquired academic skills to the test. Obviously, most students do their final Research project at the end of their programme, but you are allowed to start as soon as you obtained 120 ECs.  

How to find a bachelor thesis project

To find the bachelor thesis project of your liking we suggest you ask yourself these questions: 

  • Which topic in modern-day Life Sciences inspires me the most? 
  • Which course and researcher/teacher inspired me? 
  • Which research and research environments fits best with one of the four MBLS profile I like the most?  
  • Which Master’s programme would I like to pursue and/or which career perspective do I ambition?
  • Visit the U.L.S.V. Amino sessions to get informed about the research labs and internship positions.
  • What did my tutor advise me? Remember that your tutor is your personal coach. Make use of this!

It also helps to browse websites of our own research institutes and labs closely linked to MBLS, but also other research facilities on our Utrecht Science Park, and research labs elsewhere in the Netherlands, or even abroad. Below we provide several links which can help in your search. 

Research facilities on the Utrecht Science Park closely linked to MBLS