Free-elective space / Minors

Like any other Bachelor’s programme at Utrecht University MBLS also has a maximum of 45 EC ‘free-elective space’, which in the EER is referred to as optional extension courses. You are free to select courses from the entire UU course catalogue* or even courses offered at other Dutch* or international universities. However, you can also decide to use part or even all of your ‘free-elective space’ to take additional major-bound elective courses.  

*Dutch-speaking students are allowed to choose optional extension course that have Dutch as the language of instruction.  

Important aspects to check in the course planner beforehand: 

  • Always check the entry requirements, and if you are not sure you meet those, contact the course coordinator 
  • Always check if English is the language of instruction, and if you are not sure, contact the course coordinator. Even if Dutch is the language of instruction, sometimes all course materials are in English, and teachers of especially level 3 courses are fine to switch to English. 
  • Always check if the course content does not have overlap with courses you already took. If you suspect overlap contact the Board of Examiners to get permission to include the course in your bachelor’s program.  

To find free-elective courses on topics that are relatively close to those within the MBLS major we suggest you explore courses of Bachelor’s programmes from the departments that are participating in MBLS using the Course planner (check under exam programmes). Note that only the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences is an international programme that is fully English-taught. 

Other places to explore free-elective courses are: 

  • Bachelor programme Biomedical Sciences (BMW) 
  • Specific minor programmes
  • Courses linked to a specific theme in the Courseplanner (check under electives per theme) 
  • Courses offered within the alliance UU/UMCU/WUR/TUe (website EduXchange)* 

*If you would like to follow courses from the EduXchange platform please ask permission from the MBLS Board of Examiners in a timely fashion. You need approval from the BoE for including such a course in your ‘free-elective space’ (≤45 EC).