Structure of the MBLS programme

In your first year and the first half (semester) of your second year, you take ten foundation courses (major compulsory courses, 75 EC). In your final year, you do a Bachelor Research project (bachelor thesis, 15 EC), which is the capstone project of your study. Together these two components make up the compulsory half (90 EC) of your study programme. The other half of your programme (90 EC) you can shape by choosing elective courses within the MBLS programme (major-bound electives ≥ 45 EC *) or outside of the MBLS programme (free-elective space ≤ 45 EC **). The total study load of the MBLS programme is 180 EC.

* Minimal requirements for choosing major-bound elective courses are 15 EC at level 2 and 30 EC at level 3

** Requirement to choose courses in your free-elective space is ≥ 15 EC at level 2 or level 3

Graphical overview of the MBLS curriculum

Download the graphical overview (pdf) of the MBLS curriculum of the current academic year.