Schedules and year calendar


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Time slot model

Time slot model

When you register for courses, please take notice of the different time slots in order to avoid overlap in the time slots. By checking the time slots, you can create a feasible schedule. The week is divided into time slots.

Please refer to Osiris to see which time slot a course is assigned to.
The Courseplanner is an online programme that can help you browse through the courses, and plan your study efficiently.

Year calendar 2022-2023, Faculty of Science

Download a printable version of the year calendar 2022/2023 (pdf), faculty of Science, including blocks, registration dates, examination dates and non-teaching days.

Teaching periods 2022-2023

Start 1st period (start semester 1)

Monday 5 September (week 36)

Start 2nd period

Monday 14 november (week 46)

Winter break

Monday 26 December - Friday 6 January (week 52 and week 1)

Start 3rd period (start semester 2)

Monday 6 February (week 6)

Start 4th period

Monday 24 April (week 17)

Ending: Friday 30 June (Friday of week 26)