Programme management

The MBLS management team takes care of the day-to-day running of the program. Together with the Study Advisor, they can advise on practical matters that are study-related. For example, how to plan your thesis or which courses are best for you.

Contact information

The MBLS Programme Director is Eric Huizinga. You can find him in room 2.68 of the David de Wied building.

The MBLS Programme Manager is Bertrand Kleizen. You can find him in room O805 of the Hugo R. Kruyt building.

The MBLS management assistant is Hes Reijven. You can find them in room O104 of the Hugo R. Kruyt building.


Other contacts

  • The Student desk is your contact for administrative matters that are study-related. Also contact them if you have questions, but don't know who to contact
  • For matters related to your study planning and personal circumstances and/or illness, please contact the Study advisor.