Programme management

The MBLS management team takes care of the day-to-day running of the programme. Together with the Study Advisor, they can advise on practical matters that are study-related. For example, how to plan your thesis or which courses are best for you.

Contact information

  • The Programme Director is Eric Huizinga. You can find him in room 2.68 of the David de Wied building.
  • The Programme Manager is Bertrand Kleizen. You can find him in room O805 of the Hugo R. Kruyt building.
  • The management assistants are Hes Reijven and Anniek Hekkers. You can find them in room O104 of the Hugo R. Kruyt building.

Other contacts

  • The Student desk is your contact for administrative matters that are study-related. Also contact them if you have questions, but don't know who to contact
  • For matters related to your study planning and personal circumstances and/or illness, please contact the Study advisor.