Board of Examiners

All Bachelor's programmes of the Faculty of Science are part of the Undergraduate School (UGS). The UGS has its own Education and Examination Regulations (EER). The Board of Examiners ensures correct compliance with the EER and consists of a central Board of Examiners and Executive Panels (in Dutch: 'Kamers'). The members of the central Board can be found on the page Organisation.

Requests Board of Examiners

At some point during your studies, you may need permission from the Examination Board. For example, to request an exemption, to take a specific course or to request permission to take a resit after illness. The Board of Examiners UGS is mandated by law to uphold the quality of tests and exams within the School.

Many practical issues of the Board of Examiners are delegated to the Executive Panel. In most cases, this is your first point of contact for questions and for submitting requests.

Executive Panel MBLS

The Executive Panel MBLS assesses requests for special arrangements for students' study programmes, such as exemptions, credit transfer, provision for testing in special cases, etc. 


  • Dr. Jan Andries Post (chair, Dept. Biology)
  • Dr. Toon de Kroon (member, Dept. Chemistry)
  • Dr. Florian Berger (member, Dept. Biology)
  • L.F.J. (Laura) Huiskamp MSc, secretary

Contacting the Executive Panel MBLS

All requests are to be submitted through Osiris Student. In Osiris Student, you will select MyCasesStart Case, General and then choose ‘Request to The Board of Examiners – Bachelors of Science.’ Here you can select the appropriate request type.

Be careful: don’t upload confidential (medical) information in Osiris; if necessary, discuss it with your study advisor.

For other questions, you can contact the Board of Examiners MBLS, Executive Panel through: