In the two-year (120 EC) Master’s programme in Mathematical Sciences students engage in the core activities of mathematics while discovering new patterns and relationships and learning to construct models with predictive power. The Master's programme Mathematical Sciences is composed of several specialisations closely related to lines of active scientific research at the Mathematical Institute of Utrecht University.

UU News

14 January 2021
Due to the corona crisis, the fourteen Dutch universities have chosen to lower the BSA (binding study advice*) norm by a range of 10-15% this academic year.
10 December 2020
Starting from 1 January 2021, Utrecht University will be legally required to ban smoking on the premises, and the government will enforce the ban.
8 December 2020
Er is tijdelijk toegang geweest tot een account van een UU-medewerker/student waarbij mogelijk toegang tot persoonsgegevens. Lees waar je op kunt letten.