Student Government and participation

At every level of Utrecht University, students and staff help develop policy and give advice to the different governing bodies. A well-organised student and staff representation system is very important to the University. 

Voicing your opinion

Your opinion is very important to us! Your constructive and critical feedback motivates us to improve our educational standards and our facilities.
Do you want to offer us feedback on our performance, or would you like to participate in educational policy-making and represent the students of the Faculty of Science? You can!
You can do this by simply participating in educational surveys or by becoming a student member of one of our boards and committees.

How can I voice my opinion?

  • Fill out our regular course evaluations (Caracal),
  • Fill out the annual National Student Survey (NSE, in Dutch) to give your opinion about all aspects of your education,
  • You may also choose to inform your student representative in one of the (Faculty) consultative bodies about your concerns or in case you have suggestions for improvements in our services or programmes.