Tuition fee

Read more information about the tuition fee, the paying instalments and the consequences of late payments or stopping your degree during the term.

Brexit – consequences British students

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Student Grant DUO

The student grant of DUO entails a monthly contribution towards the cost of your studies and your living costs.

  • On the Student Grant page you can read more about the new bill.
  • On Student Grant DUO you will also find transmission arrangements and further information about student finance.

Financial arrangements

  • Financial Services for student activities
    Utrecht University has various subsidy possibilities for student activities, such as activity subsidies and administrative grants. Read further information on the website for student organisations from the UU and the HU.
  • Study delay compensation due to unforeseen circumstances
    Have you incurred a delay in your degree due to unforeseen circumstances? For example because you were sick or because of extenuating circumstances? Look here if you want to know if you qualify for some form of compensation and what the deadlines are.
  • Financial subsidies for athletes
    Students who professionally practise sports can, in some cases, claim extra (financial) support for student athletes.
  • Financial need
    For students in financial need there are potential possibilities for financial support. Such students may include students with higher than normal expenses because of a disability or refugee students who cannot get their education fully financed. You can make an appointment with the Student Counsellor via Student Services.
  • Compensation for board activities (pdf)

Grants for students abroad