Welcome to the Graduate School of Natural Sciences.

The staff at the Graduate School of Natural Sciences wishes all new graduate students a warm welcome to their chosen Master's programmes. Your study starts with a mandatory introductory event of two days, during which you will get to meet some of the research and teaching staff, programme coordinators, and make new friends by meeting other students.

Apart from a campus tour and an introduction to the research that is done at Utrecht University, you will also have the opportunity to participate in workshops on 21st century skills and career networking. The student associations market is an excellent place to meet other graduate students and to practice your networking skills. A professional photoshoot to complete your LinkedIn profile completes this ultimate kick-off to your new adventure at Utrecht!

You will receive an invitation via email once you have been admitted to a Master's programme. All new students are required to register multiple times during this event.

The schedule of the Master's introduction can be found below. 

9:30-10:00: Arrival, registration for students from abroad and other Dutch universities and coffee/tea
Location: Educatorium, Megaron

10:00-10:10: Opening and Welcome for new students(from abroad & other Dutch universities)
Education at the Graduate School of Natural Sciences
Dr. Annik van Keer
Location: Educatorium, Megaron

10:10-10:30 (only students from abroad and other Dutch universities) A personal impression of Utrecht University by an international Graduate School’s master student

10:00-10:30: Arrival, registration for UU bachelor graduates and coffee/tea
Location: Educatorium, Megaron

10:30-10:40: Opening and Welcome
Dr.ir. Frank van der Stappen, Chair of the Board of Studies
Location: Educatorium, Megaron

10.40-11.40: What scientific integrity is really about by Prof. Bert Theunissen en Dr. Hieke Huistra

11:40-11:45: Elevator pitch of workshops by Dr. Ir. Ralphs Meulenbroeks

11:45-12:00: Break and choose your workshop

12:00-12:40: An intercultural presentation by Dr. Pauline Hormann

12:40-12:45: Closure by Dr.ir. Frank van der Stappen

12:45-13:30: Lunch with your programme coordinator
Location: Minnaert Hall

13:30-: Master’s programme introduction
Location: Minnaert Hall

Location venue:

Educatorium, uithof

Koningsberger Building, uithof

A map of the Uithof

13:00-14:30: Workshops round 1:

  • Presenting in English: Sue Brokmann, Babel 
  • How to score with Linked-In, academic transfer: Alex de Haan
  • Excelling and differentiating
  • 9 steps to get connected: Bas Holleman
    a practical workshop (bring your own device!)

14:30-15:55: Workshops Round 2

  • Presenting in English: Sue Brokmann, Babel 
  • Going abroad, why should I?: Liesbeth Achterberg, Science International Office
  • How to score with Linked-In: Alex de Haan
  • PhD workshop: PhD Council of the Faculty of Science Chairman Dr.ir. Twan Maintz

16:00-18:00: Optional: Graduate School’s Games event

18:00-20:00: Optional: Diner

Location: Minnaert Hall

Location venue:
Minnaert Building and Buys Ballot Building
A map of the Uithof