The two-year (120 EC) master’s programme History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) encompasses the history and philosophy of the natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, medicine, and mathematics. The historical approach focuses on the development of scientific thought and practice in times past, including the relations between science and cultural, social or institutional features at particular times and places. By suitably choosing their courses, students can put together a programme that emphasizes either the history or the philosophy of any specific branch of science as well as interdisciplinary aspects.

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12 December 2018
She won the Research Award in the category Humanities & Law
Universiteitsraad 2018-2019
6 December 2018
The third meeting of the academic year between the University Council and Executive Board takes place on 10 December.
3 December 2018
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28 November 2018
Register for free transportation from Utrecht to The Hague
Pictogram genderneutraal toilet
26 November 2018
What report mark do you give the toilets at Utrecht University?