The first year of the programme consists of required and elective courses.

Period 1:

  • History of the Natural Sciences (FI-MHPSHNS)
  • Philosophy of Science (FI-MHPSPS)

Period 2:

  • History of the Humanities (OGMV05006).

Students are expected to take at least 22.5 EC from the list of primary optional courses, which cover a wide range of topics in the history and philosophy of science, mathematics, medicine, social sciences and humanities. In addition, students can take a secondary optional course from any other Master's programme. It is also possible to include relevant courses from other universities, after consulting the study advisor and the board of examiners.

This is the complete list of primary optional courses in academic year 2019-20:.

*alternating course: will be offered in 2019-20 but not in 2020-21

Period 1

Course EC Code
Topics in Philosophy of Language and Logic*  5 FRRMV17003
Making Modern Science 7,5 SK-B3MAMO
Logic  of Computation 7,5 WBMV13005

Period 2

Course EC Code
Science and the Public 7,5 FI-MHPSSP
Space and time: an introduction 5 FI-MHPSST
Topics in German Idealism* 5 FRRMV17006
Topics in Philosophy of Mind* 5 FRRMV17007
Philosophy of the Social Sciences 7,5 201600160
Pharmaceutical Humanities 7,5 FA-MA214
Art, Material Culture, and Technology 5 or 10 GKRMV16051
Special Topic #1 2,5 FI-MHPSTOP

Period 3

Course EC Code
The Quantum World 5 FI-MHPSQW
History and Philosophy of Objectivity 5 FRRMV16014
Investigative Journalism 7,5 FI-MHPSIJ
History of Medicine 7,5 BMB507812
Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence  7,5 WBMV05003
History of the Early Modern Book 5 GKRMV17007

Period 4

Course EC Code
Foundations of Quantum Mechanics* 5 FI-MHPSQM
Science and the Dilemmas of Modernity 7,5 FI-MHPSDM
Geschiedenis en Filosofie van de Biologie 7,5 B-B3GESB05
20th century German Philosophy 5 FRRMV16015
Law as an academic discipline 7,5 RGMURWOM08
Science in Society 5 FI-MSECSIS
Professional Skills and Identity 5 FI-MHPSPSI
Special Topic #2 2,5 FI-MHPSTOP

Courses not offered in 2019-20 that will be offered in 2020-21:

Course EC Code
History of the Modern Life Sciences* 7,5 FI-MHPSHLS
Topics in Metaphysics* 5 FRRMV16008
Topics in Early Modern Philosophy* 5 FRRMV16010
Topics in Epistemology and Philosophy of Science* 5 FRRMV16011
Topics in Moral Psychology* 5 FRRMV16013
Research Seminar History of Mathematics* 7,5 WISM481
Philosophy of Relativity and Spacetime* 5 FI-MHPSRS