HPS internship

Information about HPS internship

It is possible (even recommended) to do an internship. This can be anything from research to practical work in museum, media, education, a policy organization, or whatever – as long as there is a connection with HPS.

Develop professionals skills

The aim of an internship is to offer you the chance to develop your professional skills and to investigate potential career options. It is an excellent way to gain working experience and to get to know a sector in which you are interested. And if you conclude that it is not the right kind of organization for you, that is also a useful insight.

How many EC's?

An internship is 15 EC, which means 1 period / 10 weeks of full-time work, or a semester half-time. If holidays are included, the internship can be extended with the weeks that are counted as leave. If you do an internship, your thesis will be 37.5 EC.

It is advised to start an internship after you have finished all other courses of the master’s programme, except the thesis and the seminar. If you want to go abroad, keep in mind that you need to make preparation well in advance.