Please note that within HPS a double masters is only possible in combination with another master from within the Graduate School of Natural Sciences. For example, Twin-studies HPS with philosophy or with neuroscience are not possible.

The following Honours Programmes are available for all students of the Graduate School of Natural Sciences:

Are you interested in more than just one of our Master’s programme? Do you want to look across the boundary of your programme and combine it with another? Are you an excellent student and looking for an extra challenge? In this Honours programme you effectively take two Master’s programmes at the same time. 

two degrees

Students who finish the Honours programme obtain two separate degrees, i.e. one diploma for each Master’s programme. By combining research projects the total study load is 180 EC. Usually, the double Master’s programme can be finished in three years or less. The Board of Examiners of both Master's programmes have to approve the proposed Honours programme.

This programme is highly selective and only the very best students, with proven excellent academic records, are admitted. Typically, you need to be in the top 10% of your class and have completed your bachelor's degree without delay.


To be admitted to this Honours programme, please contact the programme coordinator of one of the two Master’s programmes involved. Your application will then be considered by the programme leaders of both Master’s programmes. You also need to be enrolled in both the participating Master’s programmes. For Dutch or EU/EER-students there is no additional tuition fee.

Together with the programme coordinators, you have to fill out and sign this Double Degree Master's Programme form and complete this with a motivation letter. You can upload this form together with your application in Osiris Case.

For more information, please consult the Education and Examinations Regulations (Article 5.13.5) or contact one the Master’s programme coordinators.

The Honours programme Quantitative Biology offers students extra challenge in the field of Quantitative Biology and Computational Life Sciences.

Especially for ambitious master students who want to employ their creative abilities in complex national and international social issues, Utrecht University offers a 15 EC honours programme: the Young Innovators. You can take part in this programme alongside every Utrecht University master’s programme, but there is a selection procedure.

Along with students from other disciplines,  you will consider innovative and sustainable solutions for issues from the following themes:

  • Sustainable innovations for the theme of health
  • Sustainable innovations for the theme of economics
  • Sustainable innovations for the theme of urbanisation

Information and signing up

Do you want to know more about the programme and entrance requirements? Full information about Young Innovators can be found on the prospective master’s website.

Master students looking for an intellectual challenge can participate in a new, extracurricular honours programme called Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars (GHIS). These seminars can be attended next to any master programme of Utrecht University.

In the UU Honours Leadership Programme you learn all about leadership models and what makes effective leaders. You work on current relevant leadership dilemmas and you practice and are coached on your own personal leadership skills.

Workshops and lectures are taught by experienced UU teachers, external lecturers, and leaders from different domains in society and take place every 2 weeks. A special part of the programme is Leader to shadow in which you will work with a leader in his or her organisation and experience how leadership works in daily business.

For more information on this programme and how to apply go to the Honours Leadership Programme page.