GSNS Profiles

A profile can be chosen as part of your study programme to expand the thematic range of your master's programme.

What is a profile?

A profile is a coherent set of courses totaling 30 study points. The courses are on a single theme that is usually not a standard part of your master's programme. The 30 study points that comprises the profile can be done as part of the total 120 study points of your master's programme. Students can only choose a profile that their master's programme allows. Note: it is not possible to incorporate a profile in the Master’s programme Applied Data Science.

Choosing a profile

To incorporate a profile into a master's programme without compromising the essential content of the programme, master's programmes have a separate set of rules for elective courses when a profile is chosen. These are listed in the programme annex of the Education and Examination Regulations. They apply only when the chosen profile is actually completed successfully by the student, otherwise, the standard elective rules apply.

Before choosing a profile, you are advised to discuss this with your programme coordinator. Note: From September 2021, you will also need approval from the Board of Examiners to add a profile to your exam programme. Go to the instruction page to find out how you can get approval from the Board of Examiners.

Instructions on requesting approval for profile

Note: Students of the Nanomaterials Science programme can also choose the ‘Management’ profile. For more information, please see the profiles page for Nanomaterials Science.

You can find detailed information about each profile in the sections below and in the Education and Examinations Regulations (EER) – see your programme’s webpage.

The GSNS Profiles:

Requesting approval for your profile from the Board of Examiners

From September 2021, you will need approval from the Board of Examiners to add a profile to your exam programme. You can do this in Osiris Student.

In Osiris Student, select 'MyCases', 'Start Case' and then choose the request type ‘Approval of profile’.
You will need to upload the following pieces of evidence:

  1. Admission to the profile
  2. Approval of your programme coordinator
  3. Some profiles require explicit approval by the programme coordinator and/or profile coordinator for the electives in your profile, or for a research project topic. Please see the EER Annex of your profile for more information. When in doubt, contact the profile coordinator.

If you need any help in requesting approval, please contact your study advisor or the Board of Examiners.

Profile options for your master programme

For profile options within your master's programme, go to the Profiles subpage under the Academics menu of your master:

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