Study advisor

Study Advisors can help you when you need advice with regard to your study programme, planning, and regulations concerning examinations. The Study Advisor is also available for consultations concerning personal matters, such as disability and family circumstances, which may affect your academic progress.
Please note that your Study Advisor is also here for you in case you are in need of a listening ear or if you just want to talk to someone.

The Study Advisor of the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences:

Florien Pals

Renovation Minnaert building

From November 4th till approximately halfway January 2023, a renovation takes place in the Minnaert building. Therefore, study advisors are limited in their possibilities to offer meetings on campus. Please contact your study advisor when you have a strong preference for a meeting on campus.

Book an appointment 

Please use the online agenda below to schedule an appointment. You have to choose type of appointment first, then select your Study Advisor, followed by a date and time.