Students of the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences have the opportunity to participate in the honours programme. The contents and educational approach are aimed at excellent/gifted students. In addition, part of the programme is the involvement of students in extracurricular activities together with honours students from the Pharmacy programme and the Faculty of Science. All students will join the extracurricular honours programme (EHP) of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Extracurricular honours programme (15 EC)

The aim of the EHP programme is to stimulate social and professional interaction between honours students from CPS, Pharmacy and other programmes in the Faculty of Science and to offer extra challenges and opportunities in the form of complex projects. The additional work load for the EHP has been set to 15 EC, consisting of:

  • Projects related to Pharmaceutical Sciences (7.5 EC)
  • Participation in the interdisciplinary Science Honours Academy (7.5 EC)

Pharmacy related projects

You can determine projects that you would like to work on, alone or together with other students from CPS or the regular Pharmacy programme. Projects can be research projects, organizing symposia, or working on a book … the possibilities are endless! Projects have to be approved by the EHP coordinator and will be evaluated yearly by the HP board. Furthermore, there are 10 meetings a year to support the projects and to get in contact with the other students (2 social events, 4 thematic events and 4 update meetings). 


The Coordinator of the Extracurricular Honours Programme is Dr Freija ter Heegde.

Universitywide honours programmes

For bachelor students that can handle and want an extra academic challenge, the Honours College offers two honours programmes. You can choose from the short-term English spoken Da Vinci Project and the long-term Dutch spoken Descartes College. You follow these programmes on top of your bachelor study at the Utrecht University.