Course schedules can be obtained from the Osiris Course Catalogue.

Schedules for most Master's courses are also available in the Cursusplanner

For scheduling your courses, you can use My Timetable.

The yearschedule 2019-2020 can be found here.

Avoid overlap in timeslots of courses

When you register for courses, please take notice of the different timeslots in order to avoid overlap in the timeslots. By checking the timeslots, you can create a feasible schedule. The week is divided into the following timeslots:

Academic calendar 2020-2021
Start 1st period

Monday 31 August 2020 (week 36)

Start 2nd period

Monday 9 November 2020 (week 46)

Winter break

21 December 2020 - 10 January 2021 (week 52, week 53 and week 1)

Start 3rd period

Monday 8 February 2021 (week 6)

Start 4th period

Monday 26 April 2021 (week 17)

A complete overview of all important dates in the academic year 2019/2020 can be found here