Checklist going abroad

General checklist for students of Faculty of Science, Utrecht University

Stay abroad - traineeships

1). Orientation

What, when, where and how? Think about what kind of research you would like to perform and in which field. Contact your programme coordinator (master) or study advisor (bachelor) about your plans. Ask a UU leader working in the field, if he/she has any relevant contacts with labs/groups in other countries. They could make the first contact. Search the internet for labs/groups of your interest.

2). Indicate costs / check your deadline

Contact the institution you would like to go to. Every institution will have its own application procedure and deadline. Most likely you need to send your motivation letter, letter of recommendation, transcript of records (cijferlijst), and CV. You probably want to have an idea of the costs before deciding. Make a budget: besides the regular travelling costs (flight ticket, housing, visa etc.) you sometimes need to pay an administration (or tuition) fee at the institution.

3). Confirmation

You need to obtain a confirmation letter/e-mail from the host institute, including information on when you are welcome for which internship. Check your own educational programme for forms which can be uses for this purpose (see 4). In case of scholarship applications (not Erasmus+) you will need a letter for grant applications.

4). Get permission

With this confirmation and the general Application form for the Research Project (mostly available at UU specific programme websites) you ask permission from the Board of Examiners. Please consider the rules that apply for research projects (Rules and Regulations of the Board of Examiners of the Bachelor or Master’s programme), which you can find in your study guide or at the website.

5). Register

Once your research abroad is arranged and you have confirmation of the Board of Examiners, you need to register in Osiris ‘study abroad’, when your stay is longer than 2 months. Inform the international office Science UU of your registration. If your research will be in Europe you can apply for an Erasmus+ grant through Osiris. Once you are registered you can apply for ‘OV-vergoeding buitenland’ via DUO. Do not forget to stop your OV product before you leave.

6). Check your insurances / passport / visa / accommodation / emergency contact info in Osiris

You are obliged to arrange your own insurances (health care, medical repatriation, personal liability, and -if applicable- accidents in and outside the workplace). Your passport/ID should be valid until at least your return to The Netherlands, but sometimes longer. And check if you need a visa (for countries outside Europe). The host/receiving institution will be helping you with this, if necessary.

As soon as you have approval of your stay abroad, start organizing your accommodation abroad as well as subletting your room in The Netherlands (

Please put your emergency contact information in Osiris.

7). Funding

For funding of your internship abroad please check the UU-website on Erasmus+ (for Europe) or (outside Europe). Take at least 3-6 months for the exploration and preparation for possible grant applications, because of different applications and deadlines.

During/ after your stay abroad

Check the report requirements and deliver them in time.

Contact your Utrecht supervisor. You are in most cases obliged to give your final presentation both at the host institute and at the research group of your Utrecht examiner. Hand in your report at your Utrecht examiner for review. Let your Utrecht examiner fill out (the rest of) the assessment form and hand this in at the Student’s Desk for a correct registration of your grade. Check the rules and regulations of your programme for this.

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