In the Master's in Business Informatics at Utrecht University, students are involved in research projects either in collaboration with an external organization, or within the university. In either case, the student requires the supervision of one or more lecturers: one for the capita selecta project, and two for the master thesis project.

A number of pre-arranged research projects are offered, where a supervisor is already committed to supervise the project, see page "Projects" in the window below. In addition to these projects, various supervisors have provided a list of topics within which they are interested in supervising projects (page "Topics" in the window below).

Interested companies are welcome to contact the MBI thesis coordinator to propose possible internships:

Moreover, the Faculty of Science provides a database of internships (stagebank) for all students. These are listed in the table below. However, note that these internships do not have an associated supervisor; as such, it will be your responsibility to check if you can find an interested and available supervisor for an internship you would like to undertake.