Stay abroad

Students are encouraged to get an international experience through an exchange. You can discuss your interest for such an experience with the UU International Office and the MBI programme coordinator.

So far, a number of Master’s in Business Informatics students have taken courses at other universities in Europe, such as Lund University in Sweden and the University of Melbourne in Australia.

The Master’s in Business Informatics is participating in the European Network of Business Informatics.

Besides taking courses at another university you can also conduct your master thesis abroad. The lecturers and professors in the O&I group have many international contacts to make such an exchange possible.

Stay abroad for a while? An excellent idea!

Staying abroad will bring you a lot in terms of new friends, expansion of your network, multi-lingualism and it looks good on your résumé. An exchange is usually for one semester (5 months), but can last for a full academic year at the longest.

Will you go abroad to follow courses or for a research project or internship?

If you want to go abroad to follow courses we call this ‘stay’. A bilateral agreement is needed between the university of your choice and Utrecht University or the Science faculty. If you want to do a research project or internship it is called ‘traineeship'.  For a traineeship a bilateral agreement is not necessary. Please note that the application procedures for stay and traineeship are different.