• You're excellent - and therefore you can get an honours mark on your diploma. Find out more about the honours mark here. You do not need to have crazy good grades, as long as you can show that you're doing exciting stuff with and outside of the program.
  • Looking for honor credit - Bashak and Fabiano have an interesting project that could be put to honors credit. 

For the PACAS project, we have developed a service that suggests concepts from a domain ontology to a modeler based on what has been modeled in other models. For example, the safety modeler receives concepts as suggestions based on what has been modeled in the security model. The idea is to support modellers, increase collaboration among them to eventually produce better models.

We would like to evaluate our work and looking for some extra hands to help us organize an experiment to show that out method is indeed useful. A basic experimental setup would be where we have a multi-concern modeling project for multiple teams (e.g., class and performance models). We track the modeling progress via “commits” of models, and the service provides suggestions to the modellers as models other than theirs submit their commits. So the performance modeler gets a list of suggestions when a new version of the class diagram is committed. Helping us to set up this experiment is a cool task for honors student and we hope that you can put as in contact with potential candidates. 

  • Graduation projects - Please bookmark, if you still do that, this web site with all graduation projects. Please note there are also several software product management research positions available, just contact Slinger for more information.
  • MOAC - There is a master education advisory committee for the department. If you ever have questions or complaints about your courses, feel free to take it up with a member of the MOAC. We are also looking for a new MBI representative for this committee.
  • Do you want to contribute to the academic integration of refugee students at Utrecht University? InclUUsion has launched a buddy system to help them to get used to everyday life at Utrecht University. The buddy student will support the refugee students in various ways.
  • Staying up to date - I noticed I never received much of an answer to my question last newsletter on what you use to stay up to date in the field. What do you know about BlockChain? Machine learning? SOx compliance? All terms that are probably uncommon in our program, but that you will hear plenty the moment you step out of our campus. We are looking at ways to keep you informed of new technologies and innovations. Would you be interested in receiving a magazine such as IEEE Software quarterly?
  • NextGen Event - special price for 35 euros. It's stuff to do with data science. Also honors worthy activity.

What are we doing? Obviously preparing for next period. The courses of KM, SA, and DSS are preparing for a large number of students (50+ new MBI students in September, a new record) and looking forward to interesting times. For those of you interested in network analysis, feel free to check out this analysis of Game of Thrones family ties.

Here's our last little update of 2016-2017 where we tell you all about the upcoming year. The courses start on the Thursday of the first week (7-9-2017). The courses that are offered in period 1 are:

  • Knowledge Management (compulsory);
  • Wetenschappelijke Onderzoeksmethoden (bachelor course, compulsory for deficiency students, automatically subscribed);
  • Software Architecture (primary elective, so optional);
  • Technologies for Learning (primary elective, so optional);
  • Data Mining (primary elective, so optional);
  • Data Science and Society (primary elective, so optional);
  • ICT Advisory (primary elective, so optional).

If you're bored, please also check out the latest rules and regulations, in particular the MBI annex. Here you can find rules regarding grades, course selection, graduation, cum laude, etc.

There are also some questions regarding Software Production in period 3, the new version of the course previously entitled Software Product Management. The course will be restructured to include more fundamental information and computer science concepts, such as advanced modeling, requirements prioritization and the math behind it, advanced feature modeling, etc. Students can choose either of the courses as a primary elective, but not both. Basically, you're only allowed to pick one of the two courses as part of your MBI program.

  • Prize-winning ICT-e team - An ICT-Entrepreneurship team that is going to conquer the market for education tooling in coding has won a 2500 euro prize for the HU Hackathon. The team is called SmartJudge and it's made up of Steven Langerwerf, Susan Brommer, and Alex van Loon.
  • Summer School 2018: Iran - We're planning another MBI summer school for 2018 in Iran. Currently we're performing a feasibility study. We'll send around an attendance form for those interested in September. If you feel like saving some dates: we'll probably leave for 8 days counting from the 10th of June 2018.
  • ANWB Hackathon - The ANWB en UtrechtInc are organizing a Hackathon from the 9th to the 11th of June in The Hague. Do you want to assist with your time and potentially win 7000 euro in prize money? Participation is free for us with this code: ANWB_H@CK_C@MP_2017.
  • Social Activity End of Year - We're looking for two enthusiastic students to organize a cool social activity (drinks? BBQ?) at the end of the year.
  • YourTicketProvider - is a project that was started in ICT Entrepreneurship by an alumnus Bart Peute. He is now looking for a front end developer for 8 hours per week. Interested? Please contact Bart.
  • General Development - We are sometimes surprised by the things you guys have never heard about. From terms such as Basic Income, IoT, AR/VR, Stochastic Modeling, Decision Support Systems, Sarbanes Oxley, cryptocurrency, software defined networking, etc. We are looking for ways to keep you updated on a regular basis. What blogs/newspapers/etc. do you read to stay up to date in the domain? SciShow? TedX? Automatiseringsgids? If you have any tips for us or subscriptions that we should get you for free, feel free to send us tips and tricks.
  • Funny rules and regulations - Every newsletter we'll try and highlight an odd MBI rule. This time: Please note that your Capita Selecta, if you do one, cannot be related to your thesis. Otherwise you could all do a lot of pre-work (lit. study?) in your CS time, as a way to shorten thesis time.
  • Graduation Topic - Model Efficiency and Conversion - AFAS has developed a model driven development platform that rapidly creates ERP products. The model has many implicit assumptions that save modellers time. To prove this, we would like to make a comparison and conversion from another modelling platform to see how: (1) the modelling language is more efficient than other modelling languages? (2) other models can be converted semi-automatically towards the platform? The project does not require programming skills, although regular expressions and rewriting techniques might be needed to execute this project.
  • Bike Startup - Startup opportunity.
  • PhD Positions in the public sector are available for you (with us). At the Research Colloquium of 8 May there will be a presentation for the interested MBI students about the PhD traineeship ICT in the public sector. This presentation will be at 12.30 after the regular presentations. Please send a message to slinger.jansen@uu.nl if you want to attend.
  • Dutch Game Garden is looking for game studios to join their totally revamped incubation program. Are you working on your first game as a studio? Do you need help with business development? Dutch Game Garden can help! Enlist here: http://www.dutchgamegarden.nl/incubator/main/. They're also looking for students to build games over summer.
  • The Feedback Session was great! Together with Wiert Omta, Ricardo Persoon, and Rick Joosten, and Sergio Espana, we discussed the content of the program, the role of data science, and the technical challenges supplied in the courses.

    If you have anything interesting to add, feel free! Just email us at mbi-coordination@uu.nl.

    To be more specific:

  1. Technical content - there was an explicit call for more technical content. The idea behind it is that we supply about 20% technical content in each of the courses.
  2. Knowledge management - Lots of outdated material. This will need to be updated. We're thinking about text mining as a major topic.
  3. ARM - Not technical enough. TODO: More statistics will be included in the program and the course will be filled with more content.
  • Indigo 2017 - On the 30th of June INDIGO is organized, a place where Indie developers show all their games. The location is an old jail in Utrecht. Really quite awesome.
  • MBI Program Feedback Group - We want to organize a feedback group for MBI students. Recently we have made some changes in the program and we're planning to make more, so we look forward to a focus group where we can discuss major trends in the field, current developments in the program, and the role of the graduate school of natural sciences. Our first meeting shall be organized on Tuesday the 28th of March at 14:00. Do you want to take part? Please leave your name and email here. Small note: this will not be a session to cry about grades or our excellent colleagues.
  • Bologna Scholarship - From the international department we have gotten a 7000 euro scholarship for an exchange of one student with the University of Bologna for 3-6 months. If interested, please contact Slinger ASAP (deadline to apply: March 17th). It is for the complete graduate school of natural sciences, so we have to be quick.
  • Profile Applied Data Science - Want a nice extra certificate when you graduate? Take a close look at the profile applied data science when you have time. We have other profiles too, but this one is awesome, because Marco Spruit.

What are we doing? Redesigning ICT Entrepreneurship, updating ARM, writing a huge self-study for the next accreditation of the MBI program, admitting a bunch of new brilliant students, and enjoying the hell out of blended learning in Method Engineering. 

And this Friday night, this year's February group is going on a self organized boat trip, because they're awesome.

  • Integrity Courses - Slinger needs to supply a list of students to follow the integrity course at the university. The course will be taught on Monday 13-2-2017 from 9-12 and Monday 20-2 from 9-12. This is a required course to finish the MBI program for students who started after September 2016. All others can stop reading here. Please fill in this following form. Manon Thijssen, in charge of this process, can click on this form as well to see the results. Please do so before the end of the year.
  • UU looking for student assistants - There are some brilliant students amongst you. We would love to have you as colleagues and assistants in our courses. Would you be willing to join us in serving the students in the bachelor and sometimes in the master in periods 3 and 4? Many are needed. Please contact Lennart Herlaar NOW. Seriously, right now. You'll forget otherwise: L.Herlaar@uu.nl.
  • Rethinc - Sietse is going to participate in Rethinc, the successor of Strictly For Business. Please contact him if you want to be part of a team. I hid this in the newsletter because those groups are always full before you can say peep. Contact Sietse (S.J.Overbeek@uu.nl) directly for more information. Do it now, before it's too late. Deadline for new teams is 9th of January.
  • Outside courses - It is now possible to indicate which outside courses (non-MBI) you would like to include in your program (with our approval of course) and which ones you would like to exclude and put into an extra-curricular program. This is actually a nice fix, because the exam committee was obliged to count every course as being important for the diploma. Now you can exclude certain courses and mark them as extra-curricular, thereby making it possible to pass a course just for the fun of it. It's a vague change, and if you don't get it: the world is now a little better and we can all sleep a little sounder.
  • UU looking for Think Tank Members - We are looking for student assistants to help create a best practices database on interdisciplinary course initiatives and to form an information platform of graduate level communities within the UU. Here you can find a job description with more information. The application deadline is December 22nd. For more information the students can e-mail to s.lek@uu.nl.

What are we doing? Celebrating the end of the year of course! But there are some other things happening. Marco got into a final round with his STRIP assistent, and may get a big bag of money to develop it further. Jan Martijn and Erik Jagroep have a paper accepted about green software (more work here). And Slinger wrote another column in the FD.

  • Labs - We have decided to change our research group into four labs: the Software Ecosystems Lab (chaired by Slinger Jansen), the Architectural Intelligence Lab (chaired by Jan Martijn van der Werf), the Requirements Engineering Lab (chaired by Fabiano Dalpiaz), and the Data Science Lab (chaired by Marco Spruit and Matthieu Brinkhuis). What's very cool about them is that we can now develop our own research lines along these labs and have people with aligning research interests sit together, since each of the labs has a room available to it. We are hoping that all of you are willing to work in a particular lab during your graduation / capita selecta / student assistantships.
  • Thesis prize - The thesis of Courtney Schriek has been nominated for the NAF Architecture prize! Her work focuses on reasoning and decision making in architecture design processes. Her work has also been published at the European Conference on Software Architecture and is entitled "Software Architecture Design Reasoning: A Card Game to Help Novice Designers".
  • Hack your Darling - UtrechtInc is trying to attract builders and creators for their workshop "Hack your Darling" on the 2nd of December. Could be a wonderful experience for budding entrepreneurs. Contact Slinger Jansen if interested.
  • PhD Positions - We're always rooting for you all to go into academia. Especially those with good grades and a fundamental keep-you-up-at-night curiosity should consider a career in academia. Of course, we'd most rather hire you ourselves.
  • Master projects at AFAS - Currently there are free positions for people at AFAS in Leusden. The good news (I hope) is that 3 members of our research team and 3 graduating students are there often, so you get to interact with UU staff, while being treated like a serious intern. Are you interested in product management, software architecture, business intelligence? Contact Slinger.
  • Master projects at Revue - Yesterday I spoke with the heros at GetRevue.co. They're an awesome startup. They need clever people to help them classify content. Using AI and machine learning, they hope to create useful curated news feeds for thought leaders. And you can be part of their start-up. They're also looking for parttimers with talent in this domain. Heart of Utrecht, passion, good coffee, the works.
  • Rim, our second year MBI student, has been doing some amazing promotion for us recently. From a webinar to an article. Find a screen shot below.
  • Period 2 is here!

What are we doing? We're organizing an event on software evolution and wondering whether we should get involved with this Internet of Things funny business. Also, we're planning to replace the Game Production course with a course on Requirements Engineering in MBI. RE will be first taught in 2017-2018. Finally, in period 3 we expect 20 new students in the February batch. Also, Slinger is working on his next FD piece.

  • Graduation projects for students wanting to start in the next 3 months or so - We have several cool projects:
  • Graduation Procedure - We have been alerted that we are insufficiently managing the time schedules of students in the graduation process. Quite soon we will start working with reminders, but the project is your responsibility. When your deadline passes, we will have to submit a grade to the graduation Parts 1 or 2, whether it is sufficient or not. Then you have some time to repair an insufficient grade. However, please manage your own schedule, as you are responsible for your project. Also, a repaired project can no longer get a grade higher than an 8. These rules are explained in the OER found here.
  • Keeping up to date - I've received some excellent replies about "staying up to date". In particular, students indicate that they use tools such as:
  • IEEE Software - I am in negotiation with IEEE Software Magazine to get you all a discount for the magazine. I don't expect much from it, as an institutional magazine already costs upwards of 1200 euro.

So what are we doing? All kinds of awesome stuff, actually: 

  • Graduation - There are some interesting facts regarding the graduation process, and some people have gotten into trouble over this. In short: do not unregister from the university before the exam committee has looked at your file!

In long: when you defend your thesis, for example on the 31st of August, your file will be judged by the exam committee on their next meeting. Their meetings are typically around the 15th of the Month, so in our example that would be the 15th of September, meaning you have to be subscribed to the university for another couple of weeks. This example is particularly troubling, as you have to be subscribed for more than 8 weeks when you register in September, so we advise all students to defend their thesis before the 15th of August.

  • Procrastination - might be good for you. Fabiano recommends this video.
  • MBI Feedback Group - We want to know what's up with you guys. We've created an MBI feedback WhatsApp group, such that we can get some rapid response to questions we have. Currently there are some representative and vocal members in the group, but if you feel like you want to give the occasional answer to one of my weekly questions, feel free to join through this link. We have already discussed:
    • Role of English - Should your language and formatting skills ever be part of your final grade? Outcome: Yes, but with a maximum of 15%.
    • Late correction - Please note that the teaching team has many responsibilities, but in general you should reasonably expect us to correct anything within two weeks after the deadline. I will bug my colleagues about this too.
    • Individual grading - As of next year, we will require an individual part to each course of at least 20%. This to avoid that group work becomes your only assessed work.
  • Jobs - Of course we do not encourage working next to your studies. However, one of our own startups KonJoin, whose largest customer is Utrecht University, is looking for a front-ender. Check out their website.
  • startup24 - 24hour startup competition for Bachelor students organized in 12 Dutch University cities at the same time, 10-11th November.
  • USP Student Challenge - 6 week long use case solving challenge for any student. All cases are coming from the USP, multidisciplinary groups of students need to work out and present them. Starts on the 13th November (part of Global Entrepreneurship Week).
  • Sorry for Dutch: Op 25 en 26 november organiseert Stichting Games [4Diversity] een gamejam waarmee we een bijdrage willen leveren aan verbeterde inclusie en representatie van socio-culturele minderheden. Dit jaar staat in het thema van kinderen met een migratie achtergrond. Deze nieuwe Nederlanders worden veelal oppervlakkig belicht in de media. Met de Games [4Diversity] Jam willen we laten zien dat een andere culturele achtergrond een verrijking is voor lokale speelse cultuur.
  • Mistake in Osiris - A small mistake has been made while entering the courses in Osiris: Our MBI Colloquium is now registered at 3EC. If you recently received 3EC for Intro2MBI, you're in trouble, because then you're going to need 1EC more. Jeroen Fokker is working on it, but please contact him if you're in bad luck. And heck, if this applies to you you're probably about to graduate, so why not re-read the first item ;-).