The Challenge of Business Informatics

The ongoing developments in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are challenging many aspects of today’s business and management. Although there is a continuous supply of new technology and information systems, there continue to be problems with developing technical solutions into usable and effective systems that truly mirror and support organisational processes. Through electronic commerce, for example, companies gain information about new markets and business partners. At the same time, implementing electronic commerce calls for redesigning systems and processes, which in turn requires redefining a company’s strategy, tactics and operations. Solving this type of problem is the key focus of our Master’s in Business Informatics (MBI). The Master's programme in Business Informatics combines theory, methods and techniques of the business and organisational domain within the area of information and computer science. This integrative and multidisciplinary Master's programme is oriented towards the current needs of researchers, consultants, managers and entrepreneurs in the field of ICT. Both the design (such as architecture) and deployment (such as implementation) of on-line applications and information systems are addressed. In both theoretical and practical courses, the strategic and operational aspects of ICT are highlighted from one main perspective: the successful alignment of ICT and organisation requires both technological and managerial insight.Students can improve their specific talent, interest and future career by specialising in one of our four graduation profiles: ICT Researcher (PhD), Business Consultant, Technical Consultant and Software Business Entrepreneur.