Do you ever wonder how you can design and evolve the software systems we use in servers, laptops, smartphones, and wearables?  How an organization can make effective use of the sheer amount of data and derive actionable insights? Or how you can model, extract, and implement the business processes that make organizations work?

Succesfully aligning ICT with business processes

Organisations often run into problems when implementing new ICT-systems. It is vital for them to rely on professionals who do not only know technologies but are also able to implement them in an organisation. Both technological and organisational insights are indispensable for successfully aligning ICT with business processes.

Combines information and computing science

The Business Informatics programme focuses on the design and use of theories, methods, techniques, and tools from information and computing sciences, and on the application of these in business and organisational domains. This requires a holistic approach that considers the organisation as a whole to ensure that business and ICT are properly aligned.

Specialize by choosing a track

Business informatics is a broad field, and the students are encouraged to specialize by choosing one specific track:

  • Software: How to design and maintain the complex software products that are used by millions of users?
  • Data: How to enable organizations to collect, clean, summarize, analyze, and visualize data in order to derive actionable insights?
  • Processes: How to manage, design, discover, and embed the business processes that are the heart of successful organizations?
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How do we use the Quality Funds at the Faculty of Science?

Because of the introduction of the student loan system in the Netherlands, financial funds became available to enhance the quality of higher education. In 2019 the Faculty of Science received these Quality Funds. Since then, plans have been made on how the money will be used

Are you curious about what these plans are? Then take a look at the overview page about the use of the Quality Funds.

Use of Quality Funds at Faculty of Science