Course registration and re-enrolment

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Master's programme includes courses from four different faculties, namely the faculty of Science (Dept. Information and Computing Sciences), the faculty of Humanities, the faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, and the faculty of Medicine. When registering for courses, it is important that you check for each course to which Master's programme and therefore to which faculty it belongs. The rules and regulations when registering for courses differ per faculty.

As a student at Utrecht University you need to organise many matters on your own. Every year, you need to re-enrol as a student for your programme. Vice versa, you need to personally terminate your enrolment in the national Studielink student registry upon graduation or in the event of a premature termination of your studies with us. Depending on which programme you are following and/or which course you want to take, you also need to personally register for your courses. The list below offers some handholds for the various aspects of university enrolment and course registration.