In the final thesis project the student carries out a research project under the supervision of one of the staff members of the research groups offering the AI programme. The project can be done within Utrecht University or in a research-and-development department of a company or research institute, or at a foreign university. In the past, students have carried out external thesis projects in such companies as KPN, Origin, The Dutch Tax and Customs Office, Vitatron Medical B.V, TNO, NS, ProRail, ING, STRO, VSTEP, LibRT and Playlogic Game Factory, and at foreign universities or with companies in Australia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, the USA and Switzerland.

When done within the Utrecht University, the final thesis project is carried out in close collaboration with the teaching staff of the AI programme. The student is expected to actively participate in the relevant research activities of the teaching staff. The thesis supervisor monitors the progress and advises the student in regular meetings. When the final project is conducted within a company or external institute, both a local supervisor within the company/institute and a supervisor of the AI programme teaching staff monitor and guide the student.

Visit the "MSC Project Artificial Intelligence" page for comprehensive information on the procedures for finding, carrying out and finishing your thesis project.

New setup of final thesis project for students starting on or after 1 September 2016:

For students starting the master programme on or after 1 September 2016 the final thesis project will be renamed to "Research part" and will consist of the following four parts:

  • Introducing Natural Sciences (INTRO-GSNS; 0,5 ec)
  • Dilemmas for the scientist (FI-MHPSDIL; 0,5 ec)
  • Artificial intelligence MSc thesis Part I (INFOMAI1; 14 EC)
  • Artificial intelligence MSc thesis Part II (INFOMAI2;30 EC)


Within all Master's programmes one or more research projects are mandatory. Please see ‘Study programme’ for general information on such projects in your curriculum. In many cases, a research project may be carried out outside of the university, in the form of an internship at a company, research institute, or another university. This can be in the Netherlands as well as abroad (see also: ‘study abroad’). 

You are required to apply for approval of your research project by submitting a request via Osiris Student. Please select ‘My Cases’, ‘Start Case’ and then ‘Research Project GSNS’. Important: in order to apply completely and correctly, you must have discussed the project setup with your intended project supervisor beforehand! We advise you to study the request form previous to discussing it with your supervisor, or fill it out together, to make sure you obtain all of the information required.

After submitting your request, it will be forwarded to your master’s programme coordinator, the board of examiners and student affairs for checks and approvals. After approval of your project it will be automatically registered in Osiris. If something needs to be amended, you will be notified by email. Please DO NOT register yourself in OSIRIS for the relevant research project courses. You will be automatically registered upon approval of the Research Application Form.

  • Please note that this protocol (English version) applies when a project is delayed
  • In case of a project or internship outside of Utrecht University, please make sure you fill out the Work Placement Agreement in Osiris Student / my cases. This agreement will be available for filling out in Osiris Student/My Cases after you have submitted your initial request for research project approval
  • Only for students that have started their research project prior to 1 November 2018: your project supervisor will fill out the assessment form part 1 at the end of the first part of your project, and the assessment form part 2 at the end of the second part of your project and hand it in at the Science Student Desk in order to have your grade registered in Osiris. (For all other students the assessment is done in Osiris Docent and the paper forms cannot be accepted anymore)