AI students are also welcome to attend relevant seminars or guest lectures in research groups involved in the AI master. These events will also be announced via the AI student mailing list. Relevant seminars are:

  • The regular ISIS seminars of the Intelligent Systems research group of the Department of Information and Computing Sciences.
  • A regular AI seminar organized about once every term.
  • Student union Incognito frequently organizes seminars and events for BSc and MSc students in AI. Information can be found on their website:
  • The Helmholtz organizes seminars about once every month with international speakers. The program can be found on their website:
  • The psychology department organizes regular seminars in their coffee room (Langeveld building, section H0, Heidelberglaan 1). Frequent seminars are on human vision (every Monday at noon), biological processes (every other Tuesday at 11), and general psychological topics (occasionally on Thursdays at noon). More information an be gained from any of the psychology lecturing staff.