Schedules, year calendar and time slots

Year calendar 2024-2025

The academic year is subdivided in four terms. University policy only regulates term starting dates. The Informatics department created a calendar showing how the four terms are used in our programme. Download the year calender in pdf-format.

Note that some courses in the Artificial Intelligence programme are offered by other faculties than Science, which keep to a slightly different calendar.
See the Humanities academic year calendar for details.

Enrollment for courses from the Humanities faculty is per semester. Enroll for courses for block 4 together with block 3, and for block 2 together with block 1.
Late enrollment is still possible, but only on availability basis. See the Humanities enrolment deadlines for details.

Week schedule format

The week is subdivided into 30 parts. All courses are offered within a fixed combination of parts, known as time slots. There are five time slots: A, B, C, D, and E.

  • You can always combine courses in different time slots. A course will not always use the entire time slot. Teaching-intensive courses may span multiple time slots.
  • Do not plan courses scheduled in the same time slot, as they will almost certainly (partially) overlap.
  • For scheduling your courses, you can use My Timetable.
Time slots
Fixed combinations of day slices form five time slots: A, B, C, D, and E

Teaching periods


Semester I

  • Start period 1: 4 September 2023 (week 36)
  • Start period 2: 13 November 2023 (week 46)

Non-teaching days: 25 December 2023 till 5 January 2024 (week 52 and week 1)

Semester II

  • Start period 3: 5 February 2024 (week 6)
  • Start period 4: 22 April 2024 (week 17)

End period 4: 28 June 2024 (week 26)


Semester I

  • Start period 1: 2 September 2024 (week 36)
  • Start period 2: 11 November 2024 (week 46)

Non-teaching days: 23 December 2024 till 3 January 2025 (week 52 and week 1)

Semester II

  • Start period 3: 3 February 2025 (week 6)
  • Start period 4: 22 April 2025 (week 17)

End period 4: 27 June 2025 (week 26)