GSNS Internship Infographic

Research projects

Within all Master's programmes one or more research projects are mandatory (see ‘Study programme’ for general information).

  • within the university, step 1 only
  • outside of the university, in the form of an internship at a company or research institute. 
    • in The Netherlands, step 1 and step 2
    • abroad (see also: ‘stay abroad’), step 1, step 2 and step 3

It may also be possible to do an extracurricular internship; less research-oriented but more geared towards applying skills learned in your Master's programme and getting a closer experience of a real company environment. Please ask your programme coordinator for opportunities within your programme.

Specific for Nanomaterials Science students:

An additional (international) internship as secondary elective besides your research project is possible. Please look at the Internship Nano page for extra information.

Specific for History and Philosophy of Science students:

It is possible to do an internship besides your research project. Please look at the Internship HPS page for more information.

Specific for Applied Data Science students:

It is not possible to go abroad for internship. All internships have to be done in the Netherlands.

You are required to apply for approval of your research project by submitting a request via OSIRIS Case. Important: in order to apply completely and correctly, you must have discussed the project setup with your intended project supervisor beforehand! 

  • Please select ‘My Cases’, ‘Start Case’ and then ‘Research Project GSNS’ or 'Thesis Project ADS'.
  • We advise you to study the request form previous to discussing it with your supervisor, or fill it out together, to make sure you obtain all of the information required.
  • After submitting your request, it will be forwarded to your master’s programme coordinator, the board of examiners and student affairs for checks and approvals.
  • After approval of your project it will be automatically registered in Osiris. If something needs to be amended, you will be notified by email.
  • Your research project is outside the UU-> use the GSNS work placement agreement and get the signature of the host organisation.
  • If the host organisation requires changes in the GSNS work placement agreement -> contact the internship contract coordinator
  • If the host organisation only uses its own agreement -> contact the internship contract coordinator
  • In all cases the signature of the internship contract coordinator is needed. If the UU is no party in the host organisation agreement the approval of the internship contract coordinator remains necessary. In some cases an appendix to this kind of agreement has to be drafted and signed by all parties.
  • Upload the fully signed work placement agreement with your application form to Osiris Case to start the approval process by the Board of Examiners. Be aware, for a research project outside Utrecht University a signed placement agreement is necessary to get approval.
  • If your research project/thesis is outside of the Netherlands you have to do a Stay Abroad request in Osiris Student after receiving the approval by the Board of Examiners. Information can be found on the webpage Stay Abroad. Please read the whole page carefully. If you have questions please contact the international office. Be aware that arranging a research project abroad takes time.
  • You might find this checklist useful during the organisation of your traineeship abroad.
  • It is important to check the travel advice for your destination given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Please type in your destination on the website (in Dutch). If your country has orange or red areas your Stay Abroad request cannot be validated.

Job board

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