On this website you can find the information you need when you currently do the Artificial Intelligence Master's programme.

Artificial intelligence is a fast moving and challenging field. A few examples: 

  • Natural language processing, for instance in smart phones and Google translate, has become common use. 
  • Characters in virtual worlds like computer games and simulations are becoming smarter, leading to more natural, interesting and useful game experiences. 
  • Research shows that human cognitive functions can be enhanced by directly linking the brain to a computer. 
  • In California Google is testing self-driving cars with sensors and GPS that autonomously drive you to your destination.
  • IBM's Watson system, which defeated the best human players in the popular American TV quiz Jeopardy, shows that large-scale knowledge bases can have practical use.

This AI master’s programme offers a unique integrated and modern approach studying AI from the viewpoints of Informatics, Logic, Cognition, Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics.