On this website you can find the information you need when you currently do the Artificial Intelligence Master's programme.

Current students of the master programme Technical Artificial Intelligence (no new admissions accepted) can check the information for current TAI students.

Artificial intelligence is a fast moving and challenging field. A few examples: 

  • Natural language processing, for instance in smart phones and Google translate, has become common use. 
  • Characters in virtual worlds like computer games and simulations are becoming smarter, leading to more natural, interesting and useful game experiences. 
  • Research shows that human cognitive functions can be enhanced by directly linking the brain to a computer. 
  • In California Google is testing self-driving cars with sensors and GPS that autonomously drive you to your destination.
  • IBM's Watson system, which defeated the best human players in the popular American TV quiz Jeopardy, shows that large-scale knowledge bases can have practical use.

This AI master’s programme offers a unique integrated and modern approach studying AI from the viewpoints of Informatics, Logic, Cognition, Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics.