On this website you can find the information you need when you currently do the Artificial Intelligence Master's programme.

Artificial Intelligence is a fast-moving and challenging field. In recent times, the focus has been on data driven (deep) machine learning, also due to successful applications of computer vision and natural language processing, such as self-driving cars, automated translation and speech recognition. However, AI is much more than just machine learning. IBM’s Watson and Google search use large, hand-crafted symbolic knowledge bases. More importantly, AI is more than the big-company success stories, as it is interested in the fundamentals of intelligence, and how these translate into artificial systems. What is intelligence? How does language work? Which cognitive processes play a role in human decision-making? And what are the problems and questions we run into when trying to model and engineer intelligent behaviour in computer systems?

The Utrecht Master’s in Artificial Intelligence discusses thee questions and more by offering an integrative approach to the field from the viewpoints of Computer Science, Logic, Cognitive Science, Psychology, Philosophy, and Linguistics.