On this website, you can find the information you need when you currently are enrolled in the Applied Data Science Master's programme.

About programme

The Applied Data Science Master’s programme focuses on discovering and addressing similarities in data challenges across different fields of interest. The courses in this Master’s programme span multiple application domains: Computer Science, Health Science, Economics, Geo Science, Social and Behavioural Science, Economics, Linguistics and Media Studies. The programme provides the opportunity to acquire not only data science skills, but also cooperate with experts, peers, researchers, and society.

How do we use the Quality Funds at the Faculty of Science?

Because of the introduction of the student loan system in the Netherlands, financial funds became available to enhance the quality of higher education. In 2019 the Faculty of Science received these Quality Funds. Since then, plans have been made on how the money will be used

Are you curious about what these plans are? Then take a look at the overview page about the use of the Quality Funds.

Use of Quality Funds at Faculty of Science