On this page, you will find information about printing, photocopying and scanning.

You can print documents using the 'Follow Me' system. This means that you can print the print jobs you have sent at any printer of your choice. To do this you need to log on to the printer where you want to pick up your print job, using your Solis-id and password.

To make it easier and quicker to log on to the printer, you can use any personal smart card containing an RFID chip. You use this card to identify yourself at the printer. An example of a card with an RFID chip is an OV chip card. Instructions on how to register your card can be found at the printers.

If you do not have a personal RFID card, you can pick one up at the student information desk. If you do not have a Solis-id, you should also go to the student information desk.

Purchasing Print Credit

You can top up your print credit via the online payment portal (only via iDEAL or Paypal). Log in with your Solis-id (student number).

Your print credit is linked to your computer account (Solis-id), not to your public transport card (OV). You only use your pass to quickly log in to the printer.

Please note:

  • It can take up to 24 hours for the credit to be credited. On your bank statement the debit is called "CM.com stichting".
  • UMC students have to top up their print credit via the UMC website.


Format (A3/A4)


Black and white - Single sided 3 cent
Black and white - Double sided 5.5 cents
Colour - Single sided 6.5 cents
Colour - Dubble sided 12 cents

Checking Print Credit

If you want to check your print credit, logon to the print portal. At the print portal, you can check your current balance, and view your print history. Students who received vouchers from their faculty/education, can redeem them here.


You are able to redeem your voucher via this website.

Use the print portal to request a refund of print credits (select "Account opheffen") .


We will refund your purchased print credit, if:

  • your credit is at least € 5 euros (check your balance here)
  • you don't have a guest account
  • you are you finished studying
  • your Solis-id is still active (once disabled, any print credit will expire)
  • You have not previously made a request to retrieve print account.

If you want to print from your own laptop, tablet or phone, please consult our manuals website.

With mobile print it's possible to print from a mobile device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, Iphone, Ipad) to a FollowMe Xerox printer at the University Utrecht.

Staff members and students with an e-mail address which ends with @uu.nl or @students.uu.nl can use this service.

Printing via smartphone or tablet?
Use the Xerox App. This App needs to be installed once from the App-store or Google play store on your device. You can then select de Multifunctional's printer settings as desired. You can choose between black/white or colour, one- or two-sided, number of copies, staples. The most-used document types are supported. See for more information the detailed instruction "Mobile printing  via Xerox App".

Printing via e-mail?
From your UU e-mail address (UU Gmail) you can print a document by mailing your document to print@uu.nl. After receiving confirmation in your mailbox, you can release your document on any Multifunctional. Printing this way supports only the standard printer settings (1 copy, black and white, two-sided). See for more information the detailed instruction "Mobile printing via e-mail".

Printing using your laptop?
See the manual section above.


Mobile device

E-mail to print@uu.nl

Xerox Mobile App 

smartphone, tablet



Iphone, Ipad



Windows Phone, MS Surface tablet



Mac laptop



Windows laptop



Chrome books




Do you want to use the print facilities in the University Library, but you don’t have a Solis-id?

Go to the counter of the library and request a guest Solis-account.

This account gives you free of charge access to the "scan to mail" facility of the printer. For prints or copies, you need enough print credit. See instructions on this site, under "Purchasing and checking printing credits".


  • Your guest Solis-account automatically expires after one year. Prolong it timely if you want to keep your print credit.
  • As soon as your solis-account is disabled, your print credit expires as well.
  • With a guest Solis-account you do not get a refund.
  • The remaining print credit can be read on the display of the printer.

If you are a student and have also been appointed as an employee at the university, you probably have a double account for printing ('2 wallets').


To select the account of your choice, once you have registered at the printer, always first select the "Printen" (print) function, even if you only want to use the photocopy function. Select the left-hand icon (person) if you are printing in your role as student, or the right-hand icon (office building) if you are printing in your role as employee. You can then use the home button (grey button with house icon on the printer itself) to return to the main menu and select the photocopy function.

The next time you log on to the printer you must repeat this: the preference setting will not remembered.

When you have a unlimited purse, the faculty or organisation that you're assigned to pays your printer costs.  As soon as your contract ends, you are not supposed to use this purse anymore. When you do use this purse when your contract has ended, this will have some consequences: you'll have to pay for these printer costs plus administration costs afterwards.


Your personal print wallet will be terminated (employees have an unlimited print wallet). You will receive an e-mail when you have 5 Euros or more on personal print credit - which you can redeem at that moment. If you don't reply to that e-mail, the money will be donated to charity.


Any questions or problems? Don't hasitate to contact us.


The printers at the university are unfitted for large print jobs. If you have a large printjob, please visit the Xerox* webshop: https://nlprint.external.xerox.com/login/


* The Xerox Reproshop located at the Balognalaan 101 is permanently closed now (since April 2018).


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