In the Netherlands, measures are in place to control the spread of the coronavirus. These measures have a major impact on everyone's life. As a student, you too have to deal with the consequences of shutting down public life: you may have lost your student-job or you may have to leave your room because the student you were subletting from has come back earlier than planned, from an exchange abroad. Below you’ll find some tips and information on housing and financial matters.

As a result of the corona crisis, DUO (the governmental organisation for student finance) has expanded the possibilities for taking out an additional loan. For more information, please see the DUO website. You can activate and increase the loan with retroactive effect to the start of this academic year. 

Together with the other higher education institutions and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Utrecht University is working on a financial support scheme to compensate for study delays caused by the corona crisis. The details are not yet available. You will be able to submit an application once the study delay has occurred, i.e. in September 2020 at the earliest. Additional information will follow. For more information about the current agreements, please visit this page.

Graduation support (financial support) can be granted if your studies are delayed due to circumstances beyond your control. For example, in case of illness (including the coronavirus). For students who suffer from study delay due to the coronavirus, the same rules apply as for other students who want to make use of graduation support. You can read these conditions on the 'Circumstances beyond your control' page. If you knowingly travelled to a red/orange area, this is your own choice and not beyond your control. In that case it is in principle not possible to apply for graduation support. 

Do you have acute financial problems? The Utrecht University Fund has started a crowdfunding initiative to help students in financial difficulties. Students who need tools to study, but are unable to purchase them because of their financial situation, can also appeal to the fund. Think for example of the purchase of a laptop or special software for students with a disability. You can contact the fund via

More information.

Currently, there is no reduction or refund of tuition fees. Students must pay the full amount of tuition fees 2019-2020. Matters surrounding tuition fees are being discussed nationally. If anything chances, students will be notified. 

Tuition fees will continue to be collected. An installment of the tuition fees was deducted in May. If you did not have sufficient funds, you will automatically receive a letter from the university. The letter states how you can ask for an extension to pay the final installment later. If the extension is granted, the deadline for paying the final installment will be 9 August.

Were you abroad for study or an internship at the time of the outbreak of the coronavirus, and were you advised by the university to return to Utrecht as soon as possible? If so, the university will reimburse (part of) the costs you had to incur. For Utrecht University students: extra costs for your return trip that are not reimbursed by the insurance company, will be reimbursed by the UU. All students concerned will receive an email about this. Exchange students from other universities should address this question to the institution in which they are enrolled.

The government has a special page on questions about the influence of the coronavirus on money matters (in general): the Moneywise Platform. Here you will find financial tips, tips for finding a job or additional job, and information about helping with financial worries. 

Students living at the USP can park their car for free on the car park ‘P7 – Jenalaan’ (Yalelaan entrance) until and including 30 August. The university is monitoring the national guidelines on the coronavirus. With regard to these guidelines, we will see if it is still necessary to make the free parking spaces available after 30 August. 

Because many international students left Utrecht, temporary furnished rooms have become available per May. Follow this link for more information.  

Usually the cancellation policy and cancellation instructions for rented housing are included in your rental agreement or the Terms and Conditions that apply to your rental agreement. Make sure to contact your landlord, home owner or housing provider directly if you have any questions about their policy. You are also welcome to contact the university via