In the Netherlands, measures are in place to control the spread of the coronavirus. These measures have a major impact on everyone's life. As a student, you too have to deal with the consequences of shutting down public life: you may have lost your student-job or you may have to leave your room because the student you were subletting from has come back earlier than planned, from an exchange abroad. Below you’ll find some tips and information on housing and and an overview of important financial matters and regulations.

Due to the corona crisis DUO (the Education Executive Agency) has taken a number of measures. For more information please see the DUO website.

The following are examples of the measures for students with a right to student finance (DUO):

  • You are allowed to take out a maximum student loan. Also in retrospect.
  • You might be able to extend the loan of DUO, after your study finance has stopped.
  • You could possibly apply for extra financial contributions when you have received supplementary grants for the last time in July, August or September 2020.
  • Your right to the student travel product (OV-card) might be extended for three months when you still had a right to his product in March 2020.
  • DUO will be lenient with the 56-hours requirement for EU-students.

Please visit the DUO website for more in-depth information on these measures, the conditions that apply the most up-to-date information.

The corona crisis might lead to study delays. The Minister of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) does not allow universities to offer financial compensation for this type of study delay via the profiling fund.

The Dutch government has however made arrangements, which are applicable only to master’s students.

Anyone who will obtain a master’s degree between 1 September 2020 up to and including 31 January 2021, will receive a one-off compensatory sum in the first quarter of 2021, equal to up to three months of school, course or tuition fees paid. This works out to €535 for students graduating from a higher education institution.

This also applies to students who pay non-statutory institutional fees, for example international students. They will receive a one-off compensation of €535.

This is a fixed amount, meaning that it does not matter if you obtain your master degree in October 2020 or in January 2021.

Be advised: The payment of the compensation will be arranged by DUO, and therefore does not influence the amount of tuition fees you will have to pay to the university for the academic year 2020-2021.

When your personal details are known to DUO, then you do not have to undertake any action, since DUO will automatically transfer the compensation. When your personal details are unknown, DUO will contact you to resolve this.

The aim is to have this compensation transferred by 31 March 2021 at the latest.

If the arrangement will be extended in scope to include all students who obtain a bachelor’s degree in the period between 1 September 2020 up to and including 31 January 2021, then more information will be made public on this website. 

Are you a non-EU/EEA student and you are paying the institutional fee?

Utrecht University will make arrangements for non-EU/EEA students who are paying the institutional fee and who, as a result of the limiting measures put in place by the government due to the corona crisis are unable to graduate in the current academic year (2019-2020). Both upcoming graduates of bachelor’s and master’s programmes belonging to this group will not pay the institutional fee, but the statutory fee in 2020-2021 for the period (in months) needed to complete the missing parts of their curriculum.

Non-EU/EEA students paying the institutional tuition fee have been informed via email about the formal requirements and the application procedure.

When you are experiencing special personal circumstances as a result of the corona crisis (for example falling ill, family circumstances or informal care), which lead to study delays, then you might be eligible for financial compensation based on the profiling fund (financial assistance for graduation). Please visit our website about graduation support - circumstances beyond your control to find what the conditions are to be considered for financial assistance.

Are you a non-EU/EEA student and are you paying the institutional fee? And have you fallen ill due to the coronavirus?
You are possibly eligible for both financial support (if you meet the conditions) and for a reduction of the institutional fee.

In this scenario the arrangement also applies that those who are unable to graduate in the current academic year (2019-2020) due to corona will not pay the institutional fee, but the statutory fee in 2020-2021 for the period (in months) needed to complete the missing parts of their curriculum.

Currently, there is no reduction or refund of tuition fees. Students must pay the full amount of tuition fees for 2019-2020. 

Tuition fees will continue to be collected. An installment of the tuition fees was deducted in May. If you did not have sufficient funds, you have received a letter from the university. The letter states how you can ask for an extension to pay the final installment later. If the extension is granted, the deadline for paying the final installment will be 9 August.

More information about financial measures with regards to the tuition fees for the upcoming academic year 2020-2021 can be found under the two FAQ questions above. 

Do you have acute financial problems? The Utrecht University Fund has started a crowdfunding initiative to help students in financial difficulties. Students who need tools to study, but are unable to purchase them because of their financial situation, can also appeal to the fund. Think for example of the purchase of a laptop or special software for students with a disability. You can contact the fund via

More information.

Were you abroad for study or an internship at the time of the outbreak of the coronavirus, and were you advised by the university to return to Utrecht as soon as possible? If so, the university will reimburse (part of) the costs you had to incur. For Utrecht University students: extra costs for your return trip that are not reimbursed by the insurance company, will be reimbursed by the UU. All students concerned will receive an email about this. Exchange students from other universities should address this question to the institution in which they are enrolled.

The government has a special page on questions about the influence of the coronavirus on money matters (in general): the Moneywise Platform. Here you will find financial tips, tips for finding a job or additional job, and information about helping with financial worries. 

Students living at the USP can park their car for free on the car park ‘P7 – Jenalaan’ (Yalelaan entrance) until and including 30 August. The university is monitoring the national guidelines on the coronavirus. With regard to these guidelines, we will see if it is still necessary to make the free parking spaces available after 30 August. 

Because many international students left Utrecht, temporary furnished rooms have become available per May. Follow this link for more information.  

Please be aware that when you enter into a rental agreement you are required to pay the monthly rent as of the start of the rental period. This means that if you arrive later in the year, irrespective of the reason for your belated arrival, you will still have to pay the rent per the start date of the agreement. 

In case you were earning € 400,- or more during February 2020 by means of part-time employment, and your income from this employment decreased due to the corona crisis, you might be eligible for a financial arrangement via UWV (Employee Insurance Agency). Information about the requirements and conditions for this arrangement and other UWV arrangements, can be found on this UWV page (only in Dutch). Or contact UWV directly.