Housing webinars

Are you planning to enroll as an international student at Utrecht University? Housing is one of the most important things you need to arrange prior to arrival. In December and April we host housing webinars that can help you prepare. Missed a live housing webinar? No problem, you can watch the recordings on this page.

Housing expectations - December 2021

Our host Rhea covered the following topics in our December webinar:

  • Managing expectations
  • Where do students live
  • Typical Dutch student housing 
  • Average costs
  • Living with housemates

In this webinar, we also hear from David -a first year UU Bachelor's student from Germany. David shares his experiences with student housing since his arrival in the summer of 2021. 

Finding housing - April 2022

In April Utrecht University will host a live webinar that provides more information on finding housing. If you have applied as an international student for the next academic year (2022-2023) you will receive an invite for this in due time.

Finding housing: Tips and tricks