The Grade Point Average (GPA) plays an important part in the admission procedures for Master’s programmes, in obtaining PhD positions or grants, and in job applications. Also in the Netherlands, GPAs are sometimes requested during university admission procedures and job applications nowadays.

International Diploma Supplement

At Utrecht University, identical GPA calculations are applied in all programmes. GPA is built up gradually, and only the Final GPA will be recorded on the International Diploma Supplement.
The International Diploma Supplement will give information about the way the Final GPA is calculated at Utrecht University.

Various types of GPA

The Final GPA of a Bachelor’s degree programme is the ‘Grade Point Average’ of all exam results obtained after the first year of registration. Results obtained during the first year of registration are not included in the Final GPA so as to give first-year students at Utrecht University a chance to get used to academic tuition.
Consequently, all valid exam results obtained after receiving a Binding Study Advice (BSA) will be used in computing the Final GPA.

The Final GPA of a Master’s degree programme is the ‘Grade Point Average’ of all obligatory exam results within the Master’s programme.

Exam results are graded according to the Dutch grading system (grades 1 to 10). The average of a student’s grades, weighted in study points, determines the student’s GPA. This Dutch weighted average is expressed by its corresponding Grade Point (see table).