Please note that your UU-Gmail account will be converted to a Solis email account on 1 August 2020 (more information)


On this page you can find detailed information about your UU Gmail account.

Every student at Utrecht University has access to an UU Gmail account as part of  Google Apps for Education. You have unlimited storage.

You can log onto UU-Gmail using your UU Gmail address (for example and your password. The password is the same as your Solis-password.

Did you forgot your Solis-password? You can reset it yourself.

Don't know your UU Gmail address? Then please contact the IT Service Desk.

Do you want to install UU Gmail on your mobile phone or tablet? Manuals you'll find at google:

UU Gmail on iOS

UU Gmail for Android


I don't receive my emails anymore

Are you a student and did you recently start a part-time job at Utrecht University? Then You will have Solis-mail from now on. Log onto Solis-mail using your Solis-id and password. All emails sent to your UU Gmail are automatically forwarded to your Solis-mail.

Would you rather keep using your UU Gmail account? You are able to configure this yourself using this manual.

Account access temporarily disabled

There could be a problem with the payment of your tuition. However there might other causes; please contact the IT Service Desk.

When I want to access my personal Gmail, I am redirected to UU-Gmail

Delete cookies from your browser and try again. You can do this by pressing (browser independent) CTRL + SHIFT + DEL.

After you have graduated, you can still receive (and send) emails for a period of six months; the so called the grace period. After this your UU Gmail account will be closed. So ensure timely:

  • To inform all your contacts of your new email address (or use an automatic reply).
  • That you save your important emails and secure your data (elsewhere). You can do this by making a copy of the data from your account via google takeout.


Like to know more about IT?

See all IT facilities or contact us for help.