Your faculty’s Board of Examiners determines when you graduate and what your final examination date (the date on your diploma) will be. You will have graduated when you meet all examination requirements. The Board of Examiners will inform you by email as soon as you meet (nearly) all examination requirements.

Please note! Graduating does not always mean your enrolment will end automatically! If you wish to terminate your enrolment before the end of the academic year, you have to do so yourself.

Postponing graduation

Do you wish to postpone your graduation? File a request for postponement with the Board of Examiners within two weeks of their informing you of your imminent graduation. So keep a close eye on your UU email account!

Both in the academic year 2013-2014 and 2014-2015, postponement of graduation is always possible if you:

  • are to join a board or committee of a student organisation, for which position you receive no less than €289 from Utrecht University (as compensation for board activities)
  • are to do an internship or study abroad in addition to your degree requirements
  • must complete additional courses required for admission to the Master’s programme of your choice.


Please follow the procedure concerning graduation for your programme: visit the pages of your study programme or contact the Faculty Student Desk.

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