If you choose to pay your tuition fee by direct debit in instalments, this will be debited in five equal instalments. Utrecht University charges € 24,- administration fees for this payment method, to be debited with the first instalment.

You can also opt for direct debit in full. There is no extra charge for this payment method.

The following applies for direct debit in instalments

Your bank account must:

  • be a Dutch bank account or
  • a bank account from another SEPA country
  • NOT be a savings account

Are you paying from a bank account from another SEPA country? 
Then the bank account must be in your own name. It is not possible for a third party to authorise the payment of the tuition fees by means of direct debit.

By means of direct debit in instalments, the account holder authorises Utrecht University to debit the tuition fee from the account in five equal instalments. The direct debit is valid from September (or February*) to September (an academic year). The account holder must ensure that the balance in his or her account is sufficient. If the balance is not sufficient, or if for some other reason we are not able to debit the tuition fees, this will have consequences.

* Some (Pre-)Master's programmes at Utrecht University start in February. In this case the direct debit is valid from February to September (the end of an academic year).   

The five equal tuition fee instalments will be debited in the following weeks (depending on the moment that your enrolment is completed*):

  • Week 39 (September)
  • Week 48 (November)
  • Week 4 (January)
  • Week 13 (March)
  • Week 21 (May)

*Start in September
Utrecht University can only guarantee that the first instalment of the tuition fees will be debited in week 39 (September), if your enrolment is completed before 13 September. After 13 September, it is possible that the first instalment will be debited in week 48 (November) together with the second instalment.   

*Start in February
The tuition fees for (Pre-) Master's students who start in February will be debited in three instalments. Utrecht University can only guarantee that the first instalment of the tuition fees will be debited in week 4 (January), if your enrolment is completed before 13 January. After 13 January, it is possible that the first instalment will be debited in week 13 (March) together with the second instalment.

How to change your payment method:

  • Go to Studielink and click on My study programmes and click on the study programme for which you would like to change the payment details. Please note, this activity can only be carried out using the desktop version (not using the mobile website).
  • You will find the Change payment details button under Payment details.
  • This will take you to Change payment details. This means that you can change your payment details yourself.
  • Here you can change the payment method, who will pay, as well as the bank account details.

You already have confirmed the digital authorisation

Go in Osiris Student to the tab Cases and afterwards to My cases and start the case CSa change payment details. Note! You can only submit a request when you have filled in a direct debit authorization.

It can happen that due to a block on your computer the pop-up My cases is blocked. You first need to allow to pop-up in your browser.

Fill in the form to change your payment details for the collection for the tuition fees.

Bank account in your own name
If you pay the tuition fees yourself, you can email a change in payment details to tuitionfees@uu.nl. Please mention your full name, student number and the new payment details in the email. 

Bank account in a third party's name
If someone else pays your tuition fees for you, you can only change the payment details in writing. Please send a letter, containing your full name and student number, the new payment details, your signature as well as the account holder's signature to:

Utrecht University
Central Student Administration
P.O. Box 80011
3508 TC Utrecht

Or hand in the letter at the front desk of Student Services.