If you wish to pay your tuition fee in instalments, read more information about how to set up a direct debit order here

If you wish to opt for a direct-debit order for payment in instalments, the following conditions apply:

  • Your account must be a Dutch bank account, or a bank account from another SEPA-country and it must NOT be a savings account. If you are paying from a bank account from another SEPA country, the bank account must be in your own name. It is not possible for a third party to authorise the payment of the tuition fees by means of direct-debit order.
  • By means of the direct-debit authorisation, the account holder authorises Utrecht University to debit the tuition fee in five instalments from the account specified.
  • Utrecht University charges a €24.00 fee for collecting the tuition fee in instalments. This fee will be collected with the first instalment.
  • If you start a 30 EC premaster in September and you start a master in February, two different installments will be collected for the remainder of the academic year (the premaster installment and the master installment).

When will what be debited?
The tuition fee will be collected in five instalments in 2016-2017:

  • September, week 39 (September, October, November)
  • November, week 48 (December, January)
  • January, week 4 (February, March, April)
  • March, week 13 (May, June)
  • May, week 22 (July, August)

Collection always takes place a few days after DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs) has transferred the student grants.

Please note that if you start a Master’s programme in February and register from the first of February, the tuition fee will be collected in three instalments.

Collection of instalment amounts for students who register by 1 September
Utrecht University can only guarantee that the tuition fee will be collected in five instalments if the direct-debit authorisation is completed before 13 September. After 13 September, it may happen that two instalments are collected at once. If you do not complete your digital direct-debit authorisation by 13 September it may happen that both the first and second instalment will be collected in November.
The digital direct-debit authorisation applies from September to September. The account holder must ensure that the balance in his or her account is sufficient. If the balance is not sufficient, the outstanding amount for the rest of the academic year will be passed on to a debt-collection agency. the consequences of which are detailed here.


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