You can use the digital direct debit authorisation or digital authorisation if your bank is located within the SEPA region and if you are 18 years or older at the moment that the tuition fees are debited.

Enter payment details

To enter the payment details for digital (direct debit) authorisation, go to Studielink and select the option <Enter your payment details> under <My To Do list>. On the form <Enter payment details>, you will then take the following steps:

  • Fill in ‘Country bank is located in’
  • Select ‘Digital (direct debit) authorisation’
  • Select if you are going to pay yourself or that somebody else will pay for you
  • Indicate whether you want to pay in instalments or not

Depending on your bank, you will be required to complete one of the following payment processes.

Option 1. Digital direct debit authorisation via your bank

  • Select your bank – The ‘digital direct debit authorisation via your bank’ icon will be displayed
  • Tick ‘I declare…’
  • You will now be taken to your bank's transaction screen. Here you should fill in the necessary details so that you can issue the digital payment authorisation

Option 2: Digital authorisation via Studielink

  • Fill in the account holder's details (for the digital authorisation this person requires a DigiD)
  • Confirm the payment details you have filled in
  • The payment details will be sent to Utrecht University
  • Utrecht University then determines the amount of your tuition fees
  • You will be asked to check the amount of the tuition fees and confirm the digital authorisation