As an international student you may have many questions such as 'Should I return to my home country' or 'Can I still apply for an exchange semester?'. On this page we try to answer as many questions as possible. This page will be kept up to date with the most recent guidance and advice. As the start of term approaches, please review this page to check for updates. We will continue to follow national guidelines, and will be sure to notify you should alternative arrangements apply.
On this general page about the implications of the coronavirus you will find an overview of current measures, updates and additional instructions. 


Utrecht University follows the advice of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), WHO and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The most up-to-date information on the coronavirus in the Dutch context, can be found on the RIVM website. The university is in constant dialogue with regional partners about possible measures.

Are you a Dutch UU student? Please see here for more information on travelling abroad for your exchange semester.

Incoming exchange students AY 19-20

We can imagine that this new situation could confront you with all sorts of uncertainties. In this completely new situation, everyone has to look for new answers. We've listed some tips that might help you in these times.

You could also join the: UU social Distancing Support for International Students and Staff Facebook group.

And follow Dutch news via this group created by UCU students that translates Dutch NOS news

1. Your faculty International Office
2. The municipality of the city where you lived. For Utrecht this can be done digitally (send your signed form to
3. SSH (or other landlord)
4. Students with a residence permit card should return the card to the IND

Usually the cancellation policy and cancellation instructions for rented housing are included in your rental agreement or the Terms and Conditions that apply to your rental agreement. Make sure to contact your landlord, home owner or housing provider directly if you have any questions about their policy. You are also welcome to contact the university via

Incoming exchange students AY 20-21

All the UU applications for study at the UU are treated as normal, irrespective of where you are from or currently reside. We are monitoring the situation closely and will update these FAQs as more information becomes available.

Yes, if you have been nominated by your home university – please apply, as the situation in all countries is likely to change over the next few months. We will continue to welcome nominated students to take part in UU's exchange programme. If your application has been (conditionally) approved at the UU you will receive an e-mail. We will continue to follow public health guidelines and will be sure to notify any affected students should alternative arrangements (such as online classes) apply.

We aim to process UU applications within a month of the application deadline. Along with the notification of acceptance you will receive information about the services that the university offers. This includes the visa procedure and housing procedure. This will allow you to plan accordingly for you semester or year abroad.

We are aware that delays may be unavoidable for you in providing the documentation needed to support your application. We aim to be as flexible as possible. If you require extra time to gather requested documentation, please reach out to us so that we are aware of any delays.

At the moment it is unclear yet whether the visa process will be affected. If you need a visa and/or residence permit to study in the Netherlands, the Visa Office will contact you directly with instructions. We cannot predict whether there will be any changes to matters such as travel regulations or the availability of Dutch embassies/consulates in affected areas. Should we become aware of precautions that can impact the visa/residence permit procedure, the Visa Team will inform you in May.  

There will be no financial implications for you if you decide to withdraw from the Exchange Programme you are enrolled in. Before the start of the reservation for housing we hope to have more definite information about the start of semester 1 (registration for housing starts on April 29 and is possible without paying a fee). For information on the cancellation policy for reserved SSH Short Stay housing please follow this link for more information on the Reserved Accommodation Programme.

We are continuing to process nominations, and preparing to welcome new students in August 2020 as normal. If you think that you can no longer commence your studies in August 2020, please inform your contact person at Utrecht University.

We are currently working on a number of scenarios for the new academic year. It is not yet known whether and to what extent education in the new academic year will be provided in an adapted form. You will be informed as soon as decisions have been made.

If you contract COVID-19 before you are due to travel to the Netherlands for the start of your course, you should not travel, and should follow all local health advice. You should wait for clear medical advice that you are no longer contagious before you consider travelling. You need to contact your home university and us about your situation.

Outgoing UU exchange students 20-21

As there are many different countries to go on exchange/traineeship to, and in all these countries the situation is different, it is very difficult to answer this question. The general advice is as follows: until you receive different information, please proceed with your application at the partner university. Avoid making costs.
Your contact person at the International Office will inform you as soon as possible when the situation changes.

Utrecht University follows the advice of the Dutch Government. At the moment it is not clear yet when the travel ban will be lifted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Therefore we advise you not to book your travel ticket yet.

If possible, we advise you to avoid making costs. For example booking a plane ticket or making a down payment for an apartment abroad is not advised! Sometimes a partner university is requesting a payment. When in doubt, please contact your host university to inquire about the options to postpone the payment. Any additional questions can be discussed with your contact person at Utrecht University.

Application in Osiris for Erasmus+ grants for the academic year 2020-2021 is not yet possible! In May-June the information on the Erasmus+ website will be updated and Osiris will be prepared for 2020-2021 grant applications. Opening will be announced and selected exchange students going abroad within Europe during semester 1 will receive information via e-mail as well.

Students preparing a traineeship abroad (placement/research) with an end date before 1 September 2020 can still be considered for an Erasmus+ grant under the current year 2019-2020, as long as the budget allows and provided you meet everything in the Requirements, Conditions and Application sections below. Traineeships with a starting date before 1 June 2020 must be submitted under Erasmus+ 2019-2020.

You can find more information regarding the Eramus+ scholarship and the coronavirus on this page with questions and answers. Is your question not listed here? You can also send an e-mail to  

Travel Green Grant
Students who are selected to study at a European partner university in 2020-2021 are eligible to apply for the Travel Green Grant and can do so until May 31st.

UU is looking into the possibilities to defer mobility to another semester (or academic year).This will have to be arranged with the host institutions. However there are large implications for the planning of education at UU and at the host institution. Therefore we cannot make any promises at the moment.

UU is looking into the possibilities to defer mobility (including traineeships) to another semester or the next academic year (2021-2022). This will have to be arranged with host institution. However there are large implications for the planning of education at UU and host universities. Therefore, at the moment, we cannot make any promises.

Please check the following website on whether your faculty has options for an exchange next academic year. University-wide exchange for semester 1 is not possible anymore.

Were you abroad for study or an internship at the time of the outbreak of the coronavirus, and were you advised by the university to return to Utrecht as soon as possible? If so, the university will reimburse (part of) the costs you had to incur. For Utrecht University students: extra costs for your return trip that are not reimbursed by the insurance company, will be reimbursed by the UU. All students concerned will receive an email about this. Exchange students from other universities should address this question to the institution in which they are enrolled.