Self-study places available for students

57 self-study places are available in the University Library in the city centre. 80 study places are available in the University Library in the Utrecht Science Park.

Study places are available in timeslots of 3,5 hours: block 1 from 9:00-12:30 and block 2 from 13:00-16:30. You can reserve a study place via

  • Students with a reserved place in the library can use printers and the return and loan machine during their time slot. Material must be ready in the lending cabinet. Between 9:00-16:30 students can make use of  the return and loan machine.
  • Students without a place to study can come to the University Library on working days from 13:00 to 16:00 to hand in or borrow materials. Read more about access to collections here.Without a study place students can also  make use of the return and loan machine between 9:00-16:30.

The study places in the Marinus Ruppert building are only available on the recommendation of student advisors to ensure that students who do not have a good alternative at home at least get a spot. You can continue reading for more information on this topic.

Study places for students in special circumstances

In the Marinus Ruppert building a number of study places are temporarily available for students who have a problematic home situation and would benefit using a study place for one or two days. The number of study places will be increased soon and there will also be study places in the University Library in the USP.

Examples of what could be defined as a problematic home situation:

  • You have an unsafe home situation.
  • You live at home with family members with psychological problems or serious health problems.
  • You have psychological problems or serious health problems and would benefit of studying in a quiet workplace.
  • You have children.
  • You are a volunteer caregiver at home, but you can arrange for the volunteer care to be taken over for a few parts of the day.
  • You live at home but do not have your own study place.

If one of these situations applies to you, discuss this with your study advisor. If you have therapy sessions with the student psychologist or an appointment with the student counsellor, you can discuss your situation with them. Nomination for a study place will be arranged via the student counsellor, or student psychologist and student counsellor.