The coronacrisis may lead to study delay. We understand that you may be worried about this and we are working on a national scale to find a solution. Some arrangements have already been made, for example concerning the impact that the coronavirus may have on your binding study advice (BSA) and internships and residencies. 


You have the opportunity to postpone your BSA. 

On our page Financial matters and housing you can find an overview of important financial matters and regulations regarding this subject.

Many internships and residencies are cancelled. This is partly replaced by assignments and exemptions. Your institution or faculty will inform you about this. Do you have any questions? Please contact the Student Desk (STIP) of your faculty. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances a delay in your academic progress can occur. The Corona crisis could be considered such an unforeseen circumstance, if there was no possibility to follow education and it was not possible to obtain sufficient credits as a result. If you feel this applies to you, and wish to have this taken into consideration, you must contact your study advisor as soon as possible so that he or she can determine whether your circumstances qualify for an extension of your SAP.
(Please note that only specific circumstances can be taken into account to make an exception to Satisfactory Academic Progress and that a reason for delay can only be used once during your studies.) 

More information on UU's Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Utrecht University can apply for an extension of the validity of your residence permit in due time, as long as you continue meeting the requirements of your residence permit. (such as making Satisfactory Academic Progress) In the summer, you will receive an invitation by email to compete the yearly validation of your residence permit in OSIRIS Online application. Please complete and submit your validation conform the instructions at that time. If you do, our Visa Office will know if you require a residence permit extension the coming academic year. If an extension is required, you will be informed by email when the application procedure is started up. Applications for the extension of a residence permit for study purposes, are normally started up approximately 3 months before the expiration date of the residence permit.