In relation to the developments concerning the coronavirus, a number of things go differently than you are used to at Utrecht University. From 15 June, we will resume education that could not be given online such as practicals and exams. The following house rules will apply in the university buildings:

Basisregels rondom coronavirus
Basic rules for everyone

Measures within the framework of cleaning :

  • At the entrance of the buildings and in the vicinity of the education rooms there are hand disinfection poles to clean your hands. You clean your hands before entering the building or a room.
  • At the reception desk, you can collect a stylus pen which you use to touch contact points, for example the copier, so that you don't have to touch the surface.
  • The rooms will be cleaned daily before the start.
    • When a room is used by more than one group of students on one day, there will be a spray bottle available with enough (paper hand) towels in the room. You're supposed to clean your own table.
    • If a room is used by only one group of students on one day, we will not put any cleaning materials in the room. 

The layout and use of the buildings:

  • In the buildings routes are marked with stickers. These guide you via one-way traffic to the education rooms. These rooms are adapted to the 1.5-metre society. This means fewer students in one room and taking the 1.5 meters distance from each other into account, also when entering and leaving the room. This also applies to the corridors, toilets, elevators and staircases.
  • The available seats in the education-rooms are marked.
  • There are no catering locations open in the buildings.
  • For students who have a longer duration of education with a break, a location for this break will be made available.

Education and exams:

  • Students who come for an exam are asked to be present a quarter before the start of the exam. Because of the corona measures it will take more time to get to your place.
  • The education rooms, tables, chairs and chrome books have been cleaned. You can just sit down at a marked seat.
  • A maximum of thirty people are allowed in a room, so it is possible that more than one room will be used for one exam. So check in which room your exam is.
  • The request is to leave the building after an exam or your practical. Please do not stay in or around the building.

We hope you understand these measures and are counting on you to follow the instructions. In this way, we can contribute to preventing the further spread of the coronavirus and provide you with a safe study environment.

More information

If you have any questions about the house rules please go the reception desk in the building or contact the FSC Service Desk.