Education block 4

All education that is now taught online in block 4, stays online, including work groups. Educational practices that have stopped because they cannot happen online and the guidance of vulnerable students (by study advisors and academic personnel, f.e. with a thesis) has been launched within the space and frameworks currently available as of 15 June. The students in question have been invited for this. The student counsellors will contact students to make an appointment. Because of the developments surrounding the coronavirus, a number of things in the practicals and exams will occur differently than you may be used to. For example, we have made adjustments to our buildings. Read what you can expect in the buildings and what we expect from you.

Education block 1 academic year 2020-2021

Approximately thirty percent of the education takes place at location in block 1, the rest will be online. International students who unable to start physically in Utrecht in September can start remotely. We hope to welcome them in Utrecht as soon as possible. Faculties will publish the timetables for block 1 no later than 17 August.

Course schedulers are already working hard to schedule the courses prioritised by faculties on location. For the sake of clarity: we will not schedule education on weekends. At most a few large exams in the Jaarbeurs on Saturdays if this proves necessary. Keep an eye on the webpage of your programme to see which courses are going to be taught online and which on location. Please note! Don't wait with registering for courses untill this is published. The registation period (2 - 28) June has not changed.

We will determine the priorities for the distribution of the scarce space in consultation with the faculties and study programmes. We have set a few guidelines: 

  • Priority is given to education that is location-based (cannot be provided online), community building and testing.
  • All instructional education (such as many lectures) takes place online by definition in all programmes. In this way, lecture halls can be used for other educational activities. 
  • Where possible and necessary, courses free up space for compulsory courses by temporarily not offering elective courses and (faculty) honours courses.
  • First-year students are given priority in community building.
  • Faculties prioritise themselves, within the university frameworks, which educational (-related) activities they wish to schedule.
  • The times of teaching are staggered because of the accessibility of the buildings and the need to avoid peak traffic during rush hours in particular. However, we will stick to the UU-timeslot model. For example, we are not going to teach on Saturdays, at most, going to enable large tests.

Are you studying at home now and could you use some support? How do you keep up the pace and what about your planning? Discuss it with one of our study coaches.

Or are you writing a paper or working on your thesis? You're not on your own. Discuss your text with a writing tutor and work on the structure and style of your text. You can also sign up for summer thesis groups. You will be placed in a group with other students who are also working on their thesis. You can choose a group that meets intensively (every day) or a group that sees each other twice a week. The group will be accompanied by a writing coach from the Skills Lab. 

You can also join the new daily online study group, a pilot of the Skills Lab together with the university library. The online study group offers structure for studying by participating daily (via MS Teams) in the joint start of the study and also guidance at fixed times during the day. We are trying this out in Dutch. If it works well we will also offer it in English and we will let you know.

On this site you will find manuals and practical information about following lectures via Teams, accessing software via MyWorkplace and online access via Library Access.

Both locations of the University Library are open from 13.00-16.00 hours for research-related support for UU students and staff. At this stage, services are still limited to those related to the physical collection of the library. This means that the counter will be open for lending and collecting library materials and that the Special Collections Reading Room can be visited by appointment. Study rooms are not yet available during this period. Study places will only be available in the location in the city centre for students in special circumstances. The number of study places will be increased soon and there will also be study places in the UB in the USP.

  • Access to digital resources 
    Read how you can consult digital scientific sources online, also from home. 
  • Access to material from the physical collection and Special Collections 
    Read how you can get access to the physical collection and Special Collections of the university library. Because of the corona measures the process is different.

The UU is constantly working on the security of personal data and data. A great deal of attention has already been paid to security on the computers on the UU campuses. Now that we study and teach at home on a large scale, it is even more important to ensure that your own computer or laptop is properly secured as well. That is why you will find practical information about securing your device and data on the webpage on information security.