Are you unable to meet the BSA standards? Then you may be able to postpone your BSA. You wil have the opportunity to meet the standards in the academic year 2020-2021. 
In accordance with the regulations of our university, an exception may be made, given the exceptional circumstances. And the situation with the coronavirus is indeed an exceptional circumstance. We hope that this decision will provide sufficient clarity and take away our students' concern. We also hope that, despite the corona crisis, everyone will be able to continue their studies as well as possible.


First-year UU students who have obtained sufficient points (45 EC or more) at the end of this academic year will, as usual, receive a positive binding study advice (BSA).

First-year UU students who have obtained more than 7.5 EC at the end of block 2, but less than 45 EC at the end of this school year (and who are still enrolled after February 2020) will receive what is known as an ‘adopted recommendation’. This means that students will still receive a positive study advice if they have obtained at least 60 EC at the end of the second academic year, of which at least 45 EC in first-year courses.


First-year UU students who have obtained 7.5 EC or less at the end of block 2 will receive a negative advice. The study delay of this group cannot be (solely) caused by the COVID-19 virus.

Current second-year UU students who already have a adopted recommendation (in Dutch: aangehouden advies) will be informed by their own study programme