This page is the starting point for all information related to the Corona virus. 

Want to know more?

On these webpages you will find information for students specifically. More information can be found on the general information page about the coronavirus for all students, employees and guests. Check this website, for example, for the updates about the coronavirus that you have received via email, information about organising or going to an event and about coronavirus research in Utrecht.


  • For study-related questions please contact your teacher (about a specific subject).
  • If you have a specific question that your teacher is unable to answer, please contact your study advisor by telephone or email. 
  • Do you have a question about the coronavirus? Please contact the RIVM by calling 0800-1351. The tape you will hear is in Dutch. If you hold the line, you will be connected to an employee. They are often able to speak English.
  • Would you like help with IT services? Then feel free to contact the IT Service Desk. Please submit your request via the Selfservice or visit for all contact details.
  • Do you have another question? Let us know by sending an email to