Corona and education

This page is the starting point for all information for students related to the coronavirus. You can find general information on the UU-corona website and check your programme's webpage for programme-specific information. Read also the updates of the Executive Board.


  • For study-related questions please contact your teacher (about a specific subject).
  • If you have a specific question that your teacher is unable to answer, please contact your study advisor by telephone or email. 
  • Do you have a question about the coronavirus? Please contact the RIVM by calling 0800-1351. The tape you will hear is in Dutch. If you hold the line, you will be connected to an employee. They are often able to speak English.
  • Would you like help with IT services? Then feel free to contact the IT Service Desk. Please submit your request via the Selfservice or visit for all contact details.
  • Do you have another question? Let us know by sending an email to