All my life I knew I was different. People didn’t know how they could handle me or how they could help me with this; I had no clue either. In elementary school and high school I struggled with problems associated with my disability and I didn’t know how to combine that with my school work. It became a challenge to get my vwo diploma, but after years of hard work I am here in my first year of Biomedical Sciences. My problems didn’t go away in the meantime, but luckily I knew this time that I could get special facilities and support from the university to make studying achievable.

I want to help students with a disability to let people know that special facilities are available and needed to make studying as fair as possible. It is important that people with or without disabilities are educated on how to understand and facilitate disabilities. There was a time where I myself didn’t dare/want to seek for help and it only kept me down. That’s why I want people to know that there is a place for understanding and help here when they want it.