Ever since I was a kid, I had one dream: to become a veterinarian. That’s why I enrolled in the bachelor’s Veterinary Medicine after receiving my high school diploma. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out the way you want them to and I couldn’t keep up with the degree. This is why I had to terminate my enrolment after six months. Even though I wasn’t studying at the time, I still dreamed of becoming a vet.

After a five-year sabbatical, I enrolled again in 2016. It’s not easy, but I know what I’m doing it for: becoming a veterinarian! Luckily, the UU is becoming more and more inclusive, and I knew where I could go if I was struggling. Even during my struggles, I managed to hold on and continue my degree.

When I was asked to join the Platform, I was immediately excited. I knew what I had missed all those years ago and what I do differently now. I am very content with all the steps we have taken during the past few years with the Platform. With my contribution, I would like to help even more (future) students. Not only do I want to do this in a practical setting, but also by sharing my own experiences and being a good listener.