The current outbreak of the coronavirus means our entire university community has had to adapt to a new way of working, living, studying and teaching. University buildings are closed, and all of a sudden your social life and studies only take place ‘online’ through the screen of your laptop or p.c.
As a student with a disability, you may suddenly encounter certain challenges that didn’t exist before.

Please know that your tutors, your study advisor, your tutor (and all the other supervisors at UU) can be reached. We are there to assist you digitally (via Microsoft Teams or e-mail). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!


The student counsellors, student psychologists and study advisors can all be reached: almost all UU staff is working from home. Please note that contact is currently only possible by phone, e-mail, or video call.As always, your first point of contact is your study advisor. You can find the contact details of your study advisor on the Advising and Counselling page. Go to ‘Select your programme’ and enter the name of your study programme at UU to go to the contact information of the study advisors.  

Our student psychologists can offer individual guidance and support (via videocall).

The Skills Lab will help you at home. You can still make a (Skype) appointment for study coaching or writing tutoring.

Read their tips on:

  • Planning and productivity
  • Studying from home
  • Writing from home

Sometimes it's nice to talk to a fellow student, and to share experiences of studying with a disability in these difficult times. Studying Without Limitations (by, and for students with a disability) has buddies you can talk to (by phone, or video call).  

Read more about the buddy programme, and about Studying Without Limitations. Feel free to get in touch!

In certain cases, Utrecht University can provide financial support to (international) students who fall behind schedule in their studies, due to the coronavirus. See at: conditions for graduation support.

A few examples:

  • You've been sick yourself because of the coronavirus
  • you're a caregiver for sick family members
  • you have to combine your education with caring for your children at home.

You must report this to your study advisor, student counsellor or student psychologist as soon as possible.

Please see our separate webpage regarding Coronavirus and financial matters (and housing) for further information, and an overview of all (national) compensation measures.

Do you have an acute/urgent financial problem? The Utrecht University Fund has started a crowdfunding initiative, to help students in financial difficulties. Students who need specific tools or resources to study, but are unable to buy them because of their current financial situation, can appeal to the fund. An example would be the purchase of a laptop, or special software needed in order for you to be able to participate in online education (e.g. speech software). You can contact the fund via  

Please read the information about housing and financial matters during the corona-crisis on the student webiste. 

As a result of the corona crisis, DUO (the governmental organisation for student finance) has expanded the possibilities for taking out an additional loan. If you are an EU-student and need to meet the 56 hours of work a month requirement, please also see the DUO-website for additional information. EU students who do not meet the requirements for student finance (a regular loan, supplementary grant and a travel card), can still be eligible for a tuition fee loan. You must meet the following 2 conditions to qualify for the tuition fee loan:

You are under 30.
You have the nationality of an EEA country or Switzerland.

For more information about all of the above, please visit the DUO website.

You may be eligible for an Individual study allowance (Individuele studietoeslag) through the municipality. Requirements differ. One of the requirements is usually that you are entitled to student finance (DUO). Ask your own municipality what the conditions are (note that online information is mainly in Dutch).

Together with a number of partner organisations, the Dutch government has set up a special webpage, The Money Wise Platform, that answers questions about the influence of the coronavirus on money matters.

Do you have any questions about student finance, rules and regulations, or other financial matters? Feel free to contact the student counsellors via