First point of contact

If your pregnancy prevents you from studying for a month or longer, contact your study advisor as soon as possible. You should definitely contact them if you or the baby experience complications during the pregnancy or before/after giving birth. For more information about pregnancy during your studies you can also contact Student Services.

Advice and facilities

Together with the Study Advisor, you discuss the options are for your studies:

  • Modifying your study programme
  • Special facilities (e.g. additional support)
  • Temporary cancellation of enrolment
  • The Study Advisor may refer you to a Student Counsellor or a Student Psychologist. You can also schedule an appointment with one of these without a referral.To schedule an appointment please contact Student Services.

Useful websites

  • Stichting Steunpunt Studerende Moeders (only in Dutch)
    This Dutch foundation is a national body that offers support to students who are expecting or already have children and for mothers who are re-entering the labour market. It offers information, advice and practical support in the Dutch language.
  • Association of Netherlands Municipalities (only in Dutch)
    This organisation provides the latest information on policy and funding for mothers who study. Enter the search string ‘studerende moeders’ (mothers who study) in the search engine window at the top of the page.

Financial support and other financial issues

Please note: the information below only applies to students who receive a student grant from DUO.

  • If you are pregnant, you may be eligible for financial compensation from Utrecht University. You can receive financial assistance for the duration of your pregnancy, provided you also fell behind in your studies during that period and you receive financial support in the form of a grant. It is compulsory to notify the study advisor if your studies are likely to be delayed by more than five months.
    If there are complications or if the mother/child are ill, financial compensation may be possible on the grounds of illness or exceptional family circumstances. The pregnancy of a partner does not constitute grounds for financial compensation. 
    about other terms, conditions and the application procedure for financial compensation.
  • You may also be eligible for a partner's or single‑parent’s allowance from the DUO.

MORE Information on child care